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Mercedes-Benz is set to axe most of its fleet. Many of its two-door coupes, wagons, and SUV coupes are set to end production in the coming years. Instead, the brand is shifting its focus toward its higher-dollar AMG and Maybach variants and the very limited Mythos models. Trimming the fat from its products will give Mercedes more freedom to hold its place as the top luxury brand.

Out of 33 body styles only 14 will survive

2021 Mercedes AMG SL white
2021 Mercedes AMG SL | Mercedes

In May of 2022, Mercedes-Benz laid out its updated long-term strategy. The plan involves reshaping its extensive model lineup to only include top-level models which drive profits. While the brand did not explain how at the moment, Car and Driver talked with several top managers to understand the plan better. To find out more about the plan, Car and Driver asked about specific body styles to see why they would be discontinued.

They found that the brand wants to shift its focus toward personal mobility services. These services would focus more on the passengers, allowing the pressure on the driver to ease up. Redefining creature comforts is the new key value for the brand. Although the new plan for Mercedes will be more profitable, it cuts into the fan-favorite models.

Mercedes C-class and E-class are the first to go

2020 Mercedes AMG GT orange
2020 Mercedes AMG GT | Mercedes

The Mercedes C-class and E-class coupes and convertibles will be the first models on the chopping block. Within the following year, both models will be replaced by a pair of CLE-class coupes. With the extensive coupe SUV lineup Mercedes has cultivated, they aren’t going to be around much longer either. The CLS-class will end production in 2024, and the higher model AMG GT four-door is right behind it. Even so, GLE and GLC coupes are set to debut new models in the next few years, but they are also at the end of their lifespan with the luxury brand.

Bid your Mercedes wagon farewell

2018 Mercedes AMG E53 gray
2018 Mercedes AMG E53 | Mercedes

Even more, pressure is on Mercedes to end the production of its wagons for even more profit. The C-class wagon will cease to exist in the European market after 2028. The next-generation E-class wagon is set to announce later this year, but it is already set to end production after 2030. The E-class wagon will foreseeably be the automaker’s last wagon as well. As for the European market, the next-generation CLA-class is based on the MMA electric platform that debuts in 2025. The CLA-class will be Europe’s last shooting brake from the luxury brand.

What to expect from Mercedes in the future

New vehicles are still in the luxury brand’s sights. Late 2023 will see the performance division Mercedes-AMG release the new GT coupe. The new GT coupe is based on the current SL roadster. Even the SL roadster will see some updates as it receives the Maybach treatment this year. Slated for 2026 is the introduction of a new four-door coupe, a next-generation SL, and a new AMG GT coupe, with all of these new models being electric. With electrification in mind, the GLG-class SUV will also be on the MMA platform starting in 2026. Is Mercedes making the smart move by cutting over half of its models? While it is still unclear, the future is looking bright.


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