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What’s the modern term for something that’s just average these days? If you’re thinking of “meh,” you’re on the right track. The surprising part of this designation is that it’s being used to describe a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Unfortunately, for the Mercedes-Benz GLB sales and resale figures, “meh” is exactly the right term to describe these figures.

What are the current sales figures of the Mercedes-Benz GLB?

When you scroll down the sales figures provided by GoodCarBadCar, it takes a while to find the Mercedes-Benz GLB. In fact, you’ll pass several other Mercedes-Benz models along the way. New vehicle sales of these SUVs total only 13,023 units to date compared to 17,350 models last year. This figure puts the GLB between the new 2023 Toyota Crown and BMW X1. The difference from one year to the next represents a 24.94% decline.

Where does the Mercedes-Benz GLB resale figure score?

Maybe if we turn to the experts at J.D. Power, we’ll find something about the GLB that isn’t meh. Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all. In fact, if the Mercedes-Benz GLB resale score dropped one more point, it would fall to below average.

Currently, this SUV sits at the bottom of the average range for resale. As a slight disclaimer, many high-end luxury vehicles suffer from poor resale figures, but the GLB scores are in the average range in every other J.D. Power classification, with an overall score of 79 out of 100.

What are the owners’ likes and dislikes regarding this Mercedes-Benz SUV?

J.D. Power doesn’t only offer figures and rankings; they also collect data from new owners after 90 days of ownership to determine their likes and dislikes. These responses for the GLB are:



  • The sound of the vehicle engine
  • How the vehicle feels when starting
  • The sound quality of the audio system

What are some of the GLB’s star features?


There’s a New Mercedes-Benz GLB SUV on the Way for 2024

Like many luxury SUVs, the 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB starts out with a basic package with a full array of upgrades and options to bring the desired equipment to your drive. Some of what you’ll find that could make this SUV a lot more than meh are:

An Off-Road Engineering Package

This package is available for the standard GLB 250 4Matic, giving the SUV an off-road drive mode and functional displays for the driver in off-road driving. These displays show the tilt angle, grade percentage, and other important figures for drivers to handle the challenges of being on the trails in this SUV.

The MBUX Infotainment System

The standard setup includes a 7.0-inch screen, which has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities once the driver says “Hey, Mercedes” to activate the system. This infotainment system is upgradeable to a larger and more feature-filled 10.25-inch screen and system.

Parktronic with Active Parking Assist

The optional parking system can judge when the GLB will fit in a parallel parking spot and then steer it into the spot. All the driver has to do is control the brakes while the vehicle handles the rest of the parking challenge. This makes it easy for Mercedes-Benz GLB owners to park like professionals.

The Mercedes-Benz GLB isn’t a resale champion and is ranked average in terms of sales figures, but it’s still a Mercedes-Benz SUV, which means you’ll find upscale features, impressive technology, and quality driving manners when behind the wheel.