Mercedes-AMG is Killing the Formula 1 Game

When it comes to racing, there are a lot of different kinds. If you want to see exotic cars race, you watch IMSA, if you like Nascar, that’s cool too, but if you want to watch cars expertly designed and crafted to perform, you watch Formula 1. There is just something about watching a Formula 1 race that makes standard surface-road driving look dull. The cars used in this race are fast, and the fastest among them for the past several years has been none other than Mercedes-AMG.

To be the best

Formula 1 isn’t about style; it’s about speed. To be the best, you have to have the best drivers, the best engineers, and the best pit crew. Every single member of the team is essential when it comes to shaving precious seconds off of your team’s time. While the team is the most essential part of the race, the car is just as crucial, and among all of the things that Mercedes-AMG gets right, it’s their unbeatable Formula 1 race car.

2020 Russian Grand Prix, Saturday – LAT Images | Mercedes AMG F1

Changing the game

There are a lot of regulations when it comes to Formula 1, and in 2014 there was a major change that gave Mercedes-AMG a leg up. That was the year that the sport made the change to adapt to new V6 turbo hybrid engines, and Mercedes-AMG hasn’t lost a championship since. If all of the cars are restricted to the same platform, what is it about the race car that this team has that makes it such an unbeatable force to be reckoned with?

2020 Russian Grand Prix, Sunday – LAT Images

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A marvel of engineering

If you have to have the same V6 turbo hybrid, there has to be more engineering done to the cars to set them apart. For Mercedes-AMG, that means innovation, aerodynamics, and maximizing the efficiency of the engine. The team doesn’t run the same car year after year, either, but whatever formula they have for success seems to be working. But, as you could imagine, a lot of those secrets will be kept, well, a mystery, so that other racing teams can’t use them to their advantage.

As much as we would love to know the engineering that goes into creating some of the fastest race cars in Formula 1, the competition for knowledge is pretty stiff. Years from now the Mercedes-AMG Petronas team might reveal what they were able to do to their race cars to keep them on top, but only time will tell.

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While Formula 1 isn’t the most popular form of racing here in the US, it is still one of the coolest ones out there. If you love the engineering behind cars, or just have a need for speed, you would really enjoy watching Formula 1 — if, of course, you don’t already. If you’re just starting to watch now, betting money on this Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 car probably won’t leave you disappointed.