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Maaaaaaaan, we lost another one. Another Toyota Supra MkIV went down – all the way down. A mechanic had the Supra out on a test run, which did not go as planned. In fact, it went about as bad as driving a sports car can go. Pour some out for this train-wrecked Supra. 

Toyota Supra destroyed by a train

According to CarScoops, this Supra crash was partially caught on film. The video is making its rounds on the interwebs, with many from the peanut gallery throwing their “expertise” on the pile of opinions like logs on a burning building. 

Despite how much it sucks to see such a high-performance car demolished, we are thankful to report that the driver miraculously survived despite being thrown from the Toyota Supra. 

The footage was shot by a fellow named Trey Grube. We see and hear his handy work and screams in this shocking video. The Toyota Supra was driven by a mechanic when it lost control while passing another car on the road. The Supra’s rear tires break loose, and all Hell follows. We can a brief shot of the Supra rolling over multiple times off the road until it comes to rest by hitting a train. 

Who was driving the Toyota Supra MkIV?

The internet did its thing and figured out that the driver was a mechanic who most likely worked for an aftermarket shop called Bespoke Motorsports out of Englewood, CO. I don’t care to pile on the downtrodden driver. Still, it certainly isn’t a good look for the shop having mechanics driving so recklessly with customers’ cars. 

The Drive confirmed with Englewood police that the driver was not the car’s registered owner. CarScoops references the findings from a local area member car-spotter group that claims it could have been the owner of the shop, not merely an employee. 

Again, local car nerds (said with love) report that this Supra not only had 17,000 miles on the clock but also made 900 hp. This would certainly explain why the driver so easily lost control. 

Do cold tires work worse than warm ones? 

Toyota Supra MkIV crushed like a coke can
Toyota Supra MkIV crushed like a coke can | Luke Driscoll

Cold tires, like cold brakes, simply don’t work as well as they could. Normal car tires benefit from warming up, but performance tires might require some heat in order to work at all. 

Considering this car crashed in Colorado in January, and it had 900 hp, the changes are good that it had cold performance tires. Power like that needs cosmic levels of grip. Cold temperatures can make this nearly impossible. Unfortunately, in this case, the lack of grip was more than the car, and the driver could stand. 

If I had to guess, this is probably the last we will see of this Supra. Of course, that means we are living in a world with one fewer Fast and Furious hero cars. RIP, little red MkIV Supra.