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The line between road and racetrack is thin in the new 2021 McLaren 620R. In McLaren’s bid to make the 2021 McLaren 620R the fastest car that you won’t race, that line becomes so thin the McLaren 620R is barely street legal. Let’s take a look at what makes the 2021 McLaren 620R the fastest car on the road right now, and how it’s different from the 570S GT4.

The 2021 McLaren 620R  is one of the fastest street legal race cars for the road.
2021 McLaren 620R | McLaren

The 2021 McLaren 620R’s specs are strikingly similar to the 570S GT4 

The 2021 McLaren 620R has twin turbo-charged 32-valve V8 engines, 612 hp and 457 lb-ft. It’s incredibly similar to McLaren’s actual race car, the twin turbo-charged V8 McLaren 570S GT4. Actually, there is a difference; the 620R has more horsepower than the 570S GT4’s 500 hp, since it doesn’t have to conform to race restrictions. 

Like its race car counterpart, the McLaren 620R comes with a rear wing, though the 620R’s wing has brake lights. Brake lights and a license plate are two of the modifications that make the 620R legal to drive on the road. Those looking to live out their race car driving dreams can choose between two suspensions: the mechanically adjustable one it comes with, or one designed for the track. 

Okay, so it’s not a real race car…or is it?

Because the 2021 McLaren 620R is street legal, you won’t be able to actually race it, unless you take it to a track day. If you plan on testing its speed on a closed circuit, you can buy the optional race tires, which can be put on at the track. Obviously the 620R meant for the road comes with street legal tires, so you can take it to the grocery store without getting pulled over.

Even if your top speed is 65 MPH, you can still feel like a race car driver. Order yours with sponsor graphics – yes, that’s a thing McLaren offers. 

What is the ride like in the 2021 McLaren 620R?

Car and Driver test drove the 2021 McLaren 620R and noted that driving the 620R was as noisy as driving an actual race car. In an effort to make the 620R faster than every other car on the road, McLaren removed the glove box and carpet, and the result is an ability to hear every pebble on the highway, like a superhero. The McLaren 620R doesn’t even come with air-conditioning, unless you ask for it. Who needs air conditioning when you can drive 200 MPH on an open track, windows down?

In addition to being noisy, the ride inside the McLaren 620R is about as comfortable as falling down the stairs. That’s okay for those planning on driving the 620R to work during the week, and the track on the weekends. If you’d like to have some feeling in your body at the end of your drive, spring for the seat cushions.

There are only a handful of 2021 McLaren 620Rs being made, and they aren’t cheap

McLaren is only producing 225 of these speed beasts. Fine, 225 is more than a handful, but it’s still few enough that those who purchase them will have to give shotgun test drives to everyone they know.    

It should come as no surprise that a road-ready race car isn’t going to come with a bargain price tag. The 2021 McLaren 620R starts at $195,000, and the cost can quickly increase, depending on added options. While the 2021 McLaren 620R is barely street legal, it is road-worthy, and a great investment if you’ve always wanted an everyday race car.


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