A Young Female Engineer at McLaren Won This Inspiring Award

There are millions of people working behind the scenes in the automotive industry. From factory workers who are responsible for production to engineers working day and night to come up with the latest technology and solve problems, the auto industry is responsible for putting food on the table for families all over the world. Among those millions of workers, being recognized for being exceptional is a pretty big deal, and for one young female engineer at McLaren, it’s also inspiring.

Young Woman Engineer of the Year

The award is called the Young Woman Engineer of the year award, and it’s awarded by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). The award was created to encourage diversity in the engineering industry, promoting and celebrating successful women in a heavily male-dominated field. This year, that award was presented to Ella Podmore, a McLaren Automotive scientist and engineer. You might not have heard of Ella herself, but if you’re a fan of McLaren, you’ll definitely recognize some of the projects she’s been a part of.

McLaren Automotive scientist and engineer Ella Podmore standing in front of a McLaren
McLaren Automotive scientist and engineer Ella Podmore | McLaren

From the start

Ella joined the McLaren team in 2016 as an intern with a materials engineering degree from the University of Manchester. After two years she became a critical part of the McLaren team and has worked on several of their flagship cars. She is now one of over 100 of McLaren’s STEM ambassadors.

A dark imagine hiding everything about the 2022 McLarent Artura besides a sliver of light that highlights the car's silhouette
The teaser of the 2022 McLaren Artura | McLaren

Recognizable work

Ella has worked on several significant projects for McLaren, including the newly debuted McLaren Artura, the Elva roadster, and the 765LT, all of these vehicles she was involved with material investigations from the first-drawings all the way through to the production scale.

I am absolutely honoured to have been chosen by the IET and the judges to be this year’s winner. Those who know and work with me recognise how passionate I am about my science and, being able to talk about that and the amazing supercars I get to work on at McLaren, I want to encourage the next generation of engineers and scientists to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”

Ella Podmore, Materials Scientist, McLaren Automotive
An image of a McLaren 765LT out on a private track.
McLaren 765LT | Hennessey Performance

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For such a male-dominated industry like the world of automotive development, recognizing notable women is a great woman to encourage the next generation of female scientists and engineers.