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The Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan is home to the Mazda Motor Corporation headquarters. The premier automaker is known for its unsurpassed use of rotary engine technology to produce fuel-efficient, sporty vehicles.

Founded in 1920, the company first manufactured three-wheeled motorcycles, with the first passenger car coming to market in 1940. Today, the Mazda CX-30 and Mazda CX-5 crossover SUVs are the top-selling models for the brand. In 2021, the company announced the launch of its first battery-electric vehicle, the MX-30, and for the second year in a row, all vehicles in the product line earned IIHS Top Safety Pick+ recognition.

The Japanese automaker proudly displays its long history in its newly renovated Mazda museum, located inside the Hiroshima headquarters. There is also a new way for visitors to enjoy exhibits if they can’t make it to Hiroshima to see it in person.

Renovated Mazda Museum opening soon

A silver Mazda logo, creator of the Mazda museum, on a red background.
Mazda logo | Getty Images

On May 23, 2022, the Mazda Museum reopened its doors to the public after undergoing a complete renovation. The interior and exterior of the building reflect the brand’s design concept with wood surfaces, warm lighting, and a monotone color scheme.

Mazda Motor Corporation aims to provide its customers and others in the community with a comfortable space to learn more about its accomplishments and strengthen the museum’s role as a communication base for the company.

There are 10 themed exhibit zones that showcase the company’s impressive history, starting with its early beginnings up until the current day. Historic vehicles on display will give visitors the opportunity to see how far the automaker has advanced its technology and automotive standards.

According to Japan Today, “The entire museum has been designed to provide visitors with a narrative experience of Mazda’s vision for the next century and the thoughts that have gone into all the vehicles that it has introduced to the world over the past 100 years.”

How to visit the museum online

If you cannot make it to Japan but still want to check out the exhibits, a unique online viewing option is available that is currently up and running. You can browse through the countless displays and learn more about Mazda’s history from the comfort of your own home.

According to Wheelz, the online museum offers guided virtual tours discussing each themed zone in great detail while providing immersive drone footage from inside the exhibition. You can access the free presentation on the Mazda website.

The Mazda Kids Channel provides children with easy-to-follow presentations discussing Mazda’s role in the automotive industry, showing them the processes involved with building an automobile.

The interactive online museum is currently available in Japanese and English languages. The Kids Channel is only accessible to Japanese speakers, with plans for an English translation soon.

The museum contains an impressive Mazda lineup


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Vehicles on display at the Mazda museum will show how far the automaker has come with improvements in technology and automotive standards. CarBuzz reports the Mazda 787B will be present in all its grandeur. They explained the world-renowned vehicle “was the first Japanese car to win Le Mans and is just as breathtaking to look at now as it was back then.”

Other iconic models believed to be displayed at the museum include the influential Mazda Cosmo 110S, the second-generation Mazda RX-7, and the original NA Miata. The grand entrance hall will feature some of the latest Mazda models, giving visitors a place to relax and take in the impressive collection of fresh designs. 

According to a company press release, “Mazda aims to become a brand that creates strong bonds with customers by focusing on the pure essence of cars – the joy of driving – and committing ourselves to preserve our beautiful earth, enrich people’s lives and make a bountiful society that lifts everybody’s spirits.”