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Automotive enthusiasm takes many forms. You have sports car enthusiasts, luxury-focused drivers, hypermilers, classic car fans, and so many more. There is a lid for every pot, so to speak. And yet somehow, the community of car-focused folks seems to find a new way to be upset all the time. Recently, journalist, podcast host, and Youtuber Matt Farah took delivery of a pink Porsche Boxster Spyder. And for whatever reason, a lot of people are upset about it.

A Frozen Berry Metallic Porsche Taycan on a winter road
The Porsche Taycan in Frozen Berry Metallic | Porsche

It’s not ‘pink’, it’s Frozen Berry Metallic, thank you very much

That name, Frozen Berry Metallic, seems more evocative of the type of treat you’d enjoy on a steamy summer day. It’s a kind of desaturated rose gold that shifts with different light. Warmer tones bring out a golden tone, while cooler lighting gives you a metallic blush color. The interior of Matt’s Porsche is a sort of berry red, not quite bright but not too dark either. On paper, it’s an unusual combination. But there is a certain charm about the color combo that just works. We can’t really explain why.

Matt’s history with pink Porsches

The FBM Boxster Spyder, nicknamed Strawberry Shortcake, isn’t Farah’s first foray into Pink Porsche territory. He also had a Cassis Red Keen Safari 911. The interior of that was far more outlandish, using upholstery that could only be related to “purple confetti bus” fabric. In correspondence with The Autopian, Farah discussed that 911 as an inspiration for his current pink Porsche build. “There’s a connection to my previous air-cooled car, continuing that lineage of my Porsches being this color. There’s the fact that I predicted the color would be rare because people weren’t brave enough to buy it en masse, which is true.” Farah also indicated that fewer than 10 Boxster Spyders have been optioned with Frozen Berry Metallic, and none have the two-tone red interior.”

Porsche’s history with pink cars

As a brand, Porsche has never been shy about letting their customers choose fun colors for their cars. The Porsche Paint-to-Sample program gives you a bountiful range of hues and tones to choose from, and there are several pinks on the list. For a brand that takes its engineering so seriously, that they’re so open with how shoppers are allowed to configure their new cars is refreshing. Plus, who can forget the Porsche Pink Pig race cars of the 1970s? 

More about Matt Farah’s pink Porsche

If you thought a lifetime enthusiast like Matt Farah was happy with just unique styling, you’d be wrong again. His pink Porsche then went to renowned tuner Deman to give it more punch. From the factory, the Boxster Spyder GT4 comes with a 4.0-liter naturally-aspirated six-cylinder engine. Deman adds a full half-liter of displacement and brings power from 414 horsepower to a 565 horses. So if you see a light pink, metallic Porsche bellowing through the California canyons, there is a good chance Matt Farah just went sailing past you. You can love it or hate it, just know that he doesn’t care what you think. 

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