Matt Farah Built the Coolest Parking Garage For Car Collectors

As car enthusiasts, we all have our “dream garages” that are filled with the dream cars that we may never be able to afford. But what if you already have your dream garage with all the expensive and rare collector cars that you can afford, but are running out of space to put them in? That’s when you call up Westside Collector Car Storage, the coolest parking garage built by Matt Farah.

Who is Matt Farah?

If you’ve been an automotive enthusiast for at least the past ten years, then you have probably mentioned Matt Farah’s name in more casual conversations with your friends than you care to admit. However, if you have never heard of Matt Farah, then just know that he is an automotive journalist that’s driven thousands of cars and written for publications like /TheDrive and Road and Track, but he is most known for hosting his podcast and YouTube channel, “The Smoking Tire.”

He’s like Wolfgang Puck of the automotive world; he’s ubiquitous, well-known, well-liked, and skilled master of collecting cars. In fact, he owns a 1987 Keen Project Safari 911 and a 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV as well as many other cars. But now he’ll be reaching Gordon Ramsey levels of notoriety with his new collector car storage facility.

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Quad-Stacked Cars at the Westside Collector Car Storage Facility
Quad-Stacked Cars at the Westside Collector Car Storage Facility | Collin Woodard MotorBiscuit

What is the Westside Collector Car Storage?

The Westside Collector Car Storage facility is a first-class parking garage that houses collector cars, motorcycles, boats, and even snowmobiles for owners in the LA area that simply don’t have the room for them in their personal driveways. LA is a crowded city where parking is scarce and expensive, so if you own a rare or expensive car, then parking it in a sketchy area or public facility is less than ideal.

However, Farah’s car storage facility aims to take care of that issue, along with many others that come with having to store your pride and joy in the City of Angels. Westside Collector Car Store is much more than just a parking garage as it is not only able to store up to 140 cars, but it also has two detail bays that feature de-ionized water, compressed air, and AMMO detailing products in case you want to wash your car, as well as a transport service for the times you need your rare collector transported across the country or even just across town.

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A Paul Walker R34 GT-R Stored at the WCCS Facility |
A Paul Walker R34 GT-R Stored at the WCCS Facility | Collin Woodard (Motor Biscuit)

What is the facility like?

The facility itself is nothing short of impressive as it measures in at 11,000 square feet and is comprised of a main floor and basement area to store cars. The main floor has parking for 100 vehicles via 18 Park Plus QP1000 Quad Stackers, which are high-strength car lifts that each features their own fire suppression systems and battery-tender outlets. Not only is the garage itself a sight to see, but witnessing high-dollar pieces of machinery being stored 34 feet in the air is astounding, if not a little scary.

The subterranean level is just as remarkable as the backlit walls shed light on the 15 tandem spots that have space for cars as well as storage spots for extra wheels, tires, toolboxes, and motorcycles. We also like the fact that the ramps are made for really low cars to easily get in and out of the garage; they even used a C7 Corvette ZR1 as a benchmark for ground clearance.

So if you’re in the LA area and are need of a place to store your extra toys or your prized collector car, then be sure to check out Westside Collector Car Storage. Matt Farah has you covered, both figuratively and literally.