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We have seen some bizarre police chases and foolish driver antics. Although, stealing a Frito Lay truck because a dealership won’t give you a Lincoln Navigator in exchange for some bars of rhyme is one of the strangest things we’ve ever heard. Well, North Carolina man, Arrik Schmidt did just that, allegedly. 

Frito Lay truck surrounded in police line
Frito Lay truck behind police tape | Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post

If you can’t get a Lincoln Navigator, go for the next best thing, a Frito Lay truck

According to, the manager of a local grocery store in Dunn, NC, told reporters that a man stole a Frito Lay delivery truck from the parking lot this past Friday morning. After the seemingly unprovoked theft, the alleged commercial vehicle thief led police on a 100-mile chase. Now, why would anyone do something like that? Well, if you tried to trade some rhymes for a Lincoln Navigator and were denied, maybe you’d have to snag a Frito Lay truck, too. You know – for reasons. 

Although the Frito Lay truck wasn’t Schmidt’s first choice, he made it work. According to Stephen Jackson, who manages the Elite Auto business next door, Schmidt tried to get his new ride the fair and honest way first by purchasing the Lincoln Navigator with a few verses of a rap song. 

“He asked if he could rap good enough would I give him the Navigator,” said Jackson. 

How much does a Lincoln Navigator cost? 

2022 Lincoln Navigator Manhattan Green Black Label
2022 Lincoln Navigator Manhattan Green Black Label | Lincoln

The Lincoln Navigator is not a cheap SUV. In fact, the Navigator is one of the most well-equipped luxury SUVs on the market. So, what does that cost? The 2022 Lincoln Navigator starts at $76,710 and can climb all the way up to $108,000. 

Now, Jackson doesn’t note which year or model Lincoln Navigator Schmidt was trying to “purchase,” but given the high price of the new models, it would seem that this was a fairly audacious offer for the Navigator. 

After Jackson declined the odd offer of a song for the SUV, Schmidt left. However, he returned later that night. “He said, ‘Well, let me make some moves tonight, and I’ll be back tomorrow and see what we can do,'” said Jackson. “That’s kind of where we left off.”

Not the delivery truck!

2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Central Park interior
2022 Lincoln Navigator Manhattan Green Black Label | Lincoln

What Do You Do If Your Car Gets Stolen?

Officials say Schmidt did come back the next morning but not for the Navigator. He allegedly took the Frito Lay truck at this time, where he led the police chase covering over 100 miles and three counties. 

The police finally stopped the runaway Lay truck by deploying “stop sticks” – the strips of spikes used to puncture tires. This tactic usually leads to the vehicle losing control and crashing, which is exactly what happened here. 

After the Wrecker came and towed the getaway Frito Lay truck, police arrested Schmidt, who was charged with felony larceny of a motor vehicle in Dunn, NC. He’s also facing charges in Johnston County in connection with the chase. By Friday night, he was in Harnett County jail.