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Acura has carved out a role among luxury automakers with its attention to detail and confidence-inspiring performance. Many of the new Acura models available are among the top choices for more shoppers. One of the significant ways that Acura sets itself apart from the crowd is the unique PMC models they offer. These models are pretty impressive, but what makes these models so special.

Acura PMC models are hand-built by master technicians

When you decide to shop for an Acura PMC model, you are getting something built with drivers in mind. Each model is hand-built at the Performance Manufacturing Center, the same place where Acura builds every Acura NSX. In turn, the Acura you are interested in has been hand-built by technicians who know the ins and outs of what makes an Acura special.

Because these models are hand-built, they also feature some unique touches that make them even more special. With the inclusion of numbered plaques and a PMC emblem, you can be sure you are getting an authentic PMC model.

Enjoy unique options

the acura performance manufacturing center, the place all pmc models are built
The Acura Performance Manufacturing Center | Acura

Acura PMC models are among the most unique models that Acura offers. Because of that, drivers can enjoy some options that make them even more special. Depending on the model, shoppers want color choices that stand out from the crowd. If you opt for a new Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition, you will enjoy three stunning colors, Curva Red, 130R White, and Long Beach Blue. These colors were initially found on the Acura NSX.

Aside from getting the opportunity to enjoy some beautiful paint colors, PMC editions also offer you several other exclusive features. The wheels can come in stunning copper paint, depending on the model. Additionally, the interior receives the same special treatment with carbon fiber accents, special floor mats, and door sill kickplates. Finally, the seating is unique depending on your chosen exterior paint color.

Each Acura PMC edition comes with an added peace of mind

an acura nsx undergoes an inspection before rolling off the production line
An Acura NSX undergoing an inspection at the Performance Manufacturing Center | Acura

With the PMC models being built in the same factory as the Acura NSX, these models undergo a thorough inspection before it rolls off the production line. These models undergo a dyno check, meticulous paint inspection, and rough-road testing to ensure it is ready to perform.

Finally, to make sure the car arrives to you safely, Acura will ship these models under a cover and in a single-car enclosed car trailer. 

This attention to detail makes Acura PMC models unlike any other

the three new 2023 acura tlx type s pmc edition models in the three unique colors
Line-up of new 2023 Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition | Acura

Drivers want a unique and exclusive car, and the new Acura PMC models are a shining example of those qualities. With incredible attention to detail, a long list of features, and features that help it to stand out, few other models are quite like an Acura PMC model. These models are a great example of how special an Acura can be.


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