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The automotive industry is rapidly evolving, with huge innovations seemingly happening every week. Over the last few years, the push for electric vehicles has become a top goal among many automakers. With more automakers committing to a fully-electric line-up, enthusiasts are certainly worried. Acura is the latest to hint that the days of gas-powered models like the Acura Integra are numbered. 

The return of the Acura Integra signals the end of gas engines

While releasing an all-new 2023 Acura Integra is exciting, this news also comes with some sadness. Acura has indicated that the all-new 2023 Acura will be the last all-new model to be a fully-gas powered model. This sporty small car will undoubtedly be a blast to drive and will go down in history for its ability to offer you excellent performance from an efficient gas engine.

One of the best parts about this upcoming model is that this turbocharged VTEC engine can offer you plenty of performance and efficiency. With 200 horsepower, it may not be built for the drag strip, but it will provide you with the performance you want for city streets and backroads. This engine will be plenty peppy, and when combined with either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, your driving experience will be more memorable.

Why is the shift to electric vehicles happening?

a porsche taycan charging, one of the fastest and most exciting new electric vehicles around
Porsche Taycan Charging | Bob Osias via Unsplash

One of the big reasons, if not the most significant reason, is the impact that they can have on climate change and reducing emissions. Whether people want to admit it or not, gas engines produce quite a bit of emissions, affecting the world overall. The effort to reduce emissions is not new, but automakers are attempting to tackle this problem head-on.

Another big reason that automakers are pushing toward electric vehicles is because of the overall sustainability that they offer. Aside from reducing emissions and the carbon footprint, electric cars also benefit from a different service and maintenance schedule. There is less toxic waste to worry about without needed regular oil changes.

One of the final reasons automakers are looking toward the future with electric vehicles is that the batteries can last for quite a bit longer. A few years ago, seeing an electric car going for 300-miles or more was rare. Now, there are multiple models offered that can go quite far without stopping for a charge. Additionally, the network of charging stations is ever-growing, making long trips easier. BBC notes that there is now a battery capable of lasting one million miles, thanks to the producer CATL!

What about electric vehicle performance?

One of the biggest knocks against electric vehicles for many years was the performance. Many early models, and even some more recent models, didn’t always inspire the most exciting drive. But, in more modern times, electric vehicles can bring some of the most impressive and exciting performance. For example, models such as the new Tesla Model 3 can get to 60 mph in as little as 3.1 seconds. Even more exciting is the new Lucid Air, which can hit 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds! Both of these models also offer plenty of range.

Aside from being ready to bring you some breathtaking acceleration, many new electric vehicles also have an engine drive. Many of the latest models can offer you some tight and direct handling that will make you feel more connected to the road. Furthermore, these new electric models can also come with a well-tuned suspension that makes your rides more comfortable.

What’s the future for Acura?

a red 2023 acura integra a-spec parked, the last all-new acura with a gas engine
A Red 2023 Acura Integra A-Spec | Acura

Acura has always been a popular choice for drivers who want a comfortable and sporty car while also offering luxury. This is precisely where the all-new 2023 Acura Integra slots into the line-up. But, with the upcoming shift to electric vehicles, don’t expect Acura to change its ways too much. According to Automotive News, Acura sees this shift as an expansion of the goal to bring excellent performance.

The electrification of Acura’s future should undoubtedly be an exciting prospect. Drivers will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an outstanding car while feeling confident that they are helping to save the planet!

Get ready to experience some shocking innovation

an electric car charging, charging is easier than ever
An Electric Car Charging | CHUTTERSNAP vis Unsplash

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Acura has the monumental goal of making most of the line-up electric by the time calendars turn to 2030. That may seem like quite a bit of time, but time flies. Before we know it, drivers could enjoy a new, fully-electric Acura with remarkable performance. Before that happens, relish the time we have with the upcoming 2023 Acura Integra and Acura’s line-up of gas engines.