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When it comes to luxury performance cars, there’s always a drive to create the fastest, most responsive, high-performance car. While the Lucid Air set new standards as the fastest-charging electric car on the market, and the one with the longest range, the Lucid Air Sapphire is set to do it one better as the first fully electric luxury super-sports sedan in the world.

What is the Lucid Air Sapphire named after?

A Lucid Air Sapphire driving around a corner
Lucid Air Sapphire | Lucid

The Lucid Air Sapphire is named after the gemstone, which people often prize for its hardness, brilliance, luster, durability, and royal blue color. In fact, according to Derek Jenkins, SVP of Brand and Design, Lucid Group, “Sapphire is the embodiment of what ultra-high-performance luxury means to Lucid.”

As for the Lucid Air Sapphire’s new Sapphire Blue exterior pain? Jenkins explained, “Imperial Blue has long been the de facto national color for American motorsports teams engaged in international competitions. As Lucid’s dedicated ultra-high-performance brand, Sapphire references this history while setting new standards for innovation and technology.”

Lucid Air Sapphire specs

Lucid pulled out all the stops when developing the Lucid Air Sapphire. The electric vehicle comes equipped with a three-motor powertrain with a twin motor rear-drive unit and a single motor front-drive unit. With this setup, the car can achieve over 1,200 horsepower. 

Additionally, the luxury car features a “track-tuned suspension for a sublime driver-focused sporting experience.” Together, these things contribute to the car’s performance and endurance for high-performance driving. They also help maintain exceptional ride quality.

“Our aim with this, our first Sapphire model, is to complement the exceptional powertrain with sharper, more responsive driving dynamics and increased body control,” David Lickfold, Director of Chassis and Vehicle Dynamics, Lucid Group, explained further. “At the same time, it was important to retain the exceptional ride quality for which Lucid Air has come to be known.”

How fast is the Lucid Air Sapphire?

When you have an ultra-high-performance vehicle, it’s only natural to be curious about how fast it can drive. It’s also natural to wonder how quickly you can get it up to speed. 

With the twin rear drive unit, the Lucid Air Sapphire achieves 60 mph in less than two seconds. It also reaches 100 mph in less than four seconds, and reaches a quarter mile in under 9 seconds. The top speed for this fully electric vehicle is designed to exceed 200 mph.

According to the automaker, “These figures are achievable with no extra-cost equipment upgrades or protracted preconditioning routines. Additionally, massive carbon ceramic disc brakes come as standard, endowing Air Sapphire with a stopping power to match its prodigious performance.”

How far can this luxury EV go?

A Lucid Air Sapphire driving away
Lucid Air Sapphire | Lucid

Those paying attention to the world of electric cars know that Lucid is setting new standards for creating long-range vehicles; the Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance delivers up to 516 miles in range. MotorTrend recently reported that the Air Sapphire’s range would be more than 400 miles. However, it will likely be less than the 446 miles of range that the Grand Touring Performance currently offers.

When will the Lucid Air Sapphire be available?

If you find yourself craving some time behind the wheel of this high-performance luxury EV, you will be pleased to know that deliveries are planned in the US and Canada next year. The automaker has also opened reservations via its website.


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