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Electric vehicles (EVs) are all the buzz these days, especially with rising gas prices. Now, automakers are turning toward electric vehicles to kick gasoline to the curb. There’s a new EV model, the Lucid Air by Lucid Motors, and it just outranked the Tesla Model 3 according to Bloomberg Green’s Electric Car Ratings. How has the Lucid Air quickly become a top contender in the EV market? Let’s find out.

Bloomberg Green’s EV ratings

A 2022 Lucid Air luxury electric sedan model parked by the sea as the sun rises of a city skyline of skyscrapers
2022 Lucid Air | Lucid

First, let’s start with Bloomberg Green’s EV ratings dashboard. It displays the EV models available in the United States and their respective specs. Bloomberg Green also came up with a “Green” rating based on two factors. One is how efficiently the vehicles drive. Second is the resources needed to create the batteries in those vehicles. Now, let’s get into how the Lucid Air outranked the Tesla Model 3 to become the ‘Greenest EV in the U.S.’

Which car has the greenest power?


The Otherworldly Lucid Air Interior Features Incredible Technology

When using Bloomberg Green’s EV ratings dashboard to compare the Air Dream Edition Range to the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, the Lucid Air takes the cake. Its green rating is 71.1, making it the first on the list of the greenest EVs in the U.S. However, the Tesla Model 3 didn’t fall too far behind, with a green score of 66.7.

According to, “Initially, the Tesla Model 3 took the top honor, but a rechecking of the math placed the Lucid Air Dream Edition at the top. The Chevrolet Bolt EV places fairly high, but the GMC Hummer and Rivian R1T are at the very bottom of the list.”

Lucid Air vs. Tesla Model 3: how do they compare?

Lucid AirTesla Model 3
Range (miles)520 miles358 miles
Battery size (kWh)118-kWh83-kWh
Charging speed (minutes)22 minutes18 minutes
Base price$169,000$55,990

The Lucid Air Dream Edition can drive up to 520 miles on a single charge. That is 162 miles farther than the Tesla Model 3. Additionally, the Air comes equipped with a 118-kWh battery, while the Model 3 has an 83-kWh battery. 

The Lucid Air Dream also charges 4 minutes faster (with a longer range) than the Tesla Model 3. The downside to the Air is that it’s more expensive than the Tesla. But if price is not a factor, you might want to look into a Lucid Air. 

What other EV models made the list?

Now that the electric vehicle market is becoming more and more popular, there are other models on the list that are great too. Right under the Tesla Model 3 is the Tesla Model S. Aside from these two Tesla models, you’ll also find the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia Niro EV, Nissan Leaf, and Volvo XC40 Recharge. We can confidently say that you can expect more EVs to appear in 2023.