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When it comes to luxury electric vehicles, the Tesla Model S and X dominate the conversation. However, Tesla’s dominance might dwindle in the face of new electrified competition, like the groundbreaking Lucid Air. Still, even with the promise of expectation-smashing single-charge range, Lucid Motors’ luxury car might not be able to serve as the empirical evidence supporters need to win barroom debates on EV adoption. 

What is the longest-range Lucid car?

A CG concept of a Lucid Air shows off its white paintwork and horizontal light bar.
Lucid Air | Lucid Motors

The longest-range Lucid car is the Air Grand Touring, one of the upper-tier offerings in the nameplate’s lineup. Specifically, the Grand Touring has an EPA-estimated range of 516 miles, making it the longest-legged EV on the market. 

ModelSingle-charge range (EPA estimate)
Pure410 miles
Touring 425 miles
Grand Touring469 miles

That’s excellent news for EV shoppers who want a luxury electric car with an industry-leading range, especially at the Grand Touring trim level. Further, the Grand Touring’s impressive range is courtesy of its 112-kWh battery pack. Better yet, the Air Grand Touring features DC fast charging that can replenish around 300 miles of range in 21 minutes, per Car and Driver

Even the entry-level Pure’s 410 miles of single-charge range is enough to outlast the 2023 Tesla Model S’ 405-mile range estimate. As a result, the 2023 Lucid Air is largely unrivaled by other EVs in the luxury electric car segment.    

Is Lucid’s range accurate?

A CG concept of a gray Lucid Air shows off its white paintwork and horizontal light bar.
Lucid Air | Lucid Motors

While the Lucid Air’s range is impressive and segment-leading, it might not deliver figures akin to the EPA estimates under real-world circumstances. For instance, Motor Trend took a 2022 Grand Touring Performance on a 2,300-mile road trip. In the test, the Lucid car covered around 73.9% of the lofty range estimate. 

Moreover, finicky charging stations failed to deliver the model’s 300 kW rate. As a result, your expectations for charging up and getting back on the open road might not be tenable.  Furthermore, Car and Driver’s test of the Grand Touring model returned a range of about 410 miles, as much as the estimate for the entry-level Pure trim. Of course, the lower figures are understandable; real-world conditions involve hills, overtakes, and urban commuting, not just lazy highway cruising.  

Is a Lucid Air an expensive car?

The Lucid Air’s segment-leading range and explosive thrust don’t come cheap. Still, the entry-level Pure AWD starts at $83,900, about $4,590 less than a comparable Model S. 

Model (2023)Starting price
Pure (AWD)$83,900
Touring $96,500
Grand Touring$127,100

Is the Lucid Air worth it?

A Lucid car shows off its modern interior.
An Air’s interior | Lucid Motors

Despite the unlikelihood that you’ll get the EPA-estimated single-charge range that Lucid Motors touts for its luxury electric cars, the Air is among the finest alternatives to the Tesla Model S’ dominance. With a segment-leading range, explosive acceleration, and a refined interior, the Air is a worthy contender in the upper-tier EV market.


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