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In spite of it only having two wheels, you’re looking at what Lit Motors calls a car. Lit says you get the benefits of a motorcycle and the convenience of a car with its C-1 EV car. Maybe it should be called an autocycle. But whatever, it has a lot of interesting features, the most significant being that it is self-balancing. Lit Motors has been up and down since the C-1 first came to attention in 2011. Now, it says it is on track and taking orders, so let’s see what has transpired since then. 

How long has Lit Motors EV been developing the C-1?

Lit Motors C-1
Lit Motors C-1 two-wheel car | Lit

When the mid-motor C-1 concept debuted, it immediately grabbed everyone’s attention. Well, at least the attention of those looking for a green alternative to the modern car. It was a small one-passenger two-wheeler EV with an MSRP of $24,000.

By 2015, Lit was taking pre-orders, only to abruptly stop taking deposits after two years. It returned the depositor’s money, and then sort of evaporated. But it didn’t go away. 

What keeps the Lit Motors C-1 EV balanced?

Lit Motors C-1
Lit Motors C-1 two-wheel car | Lit

Lit’s CEO Danny Kim is now back with the C-1 and taking pre-orders. The price is now $32,000, and you’ll need to pony up $250 to reserve your Lit Motors C-1. But you won’t be empty-handed. You’ll also get some merch and a certificate. 

What you’re reserving is a fully enclosed AEV with two gyroscopes to keep the bike balanced. You know, like a car, but with only two wheels.  Power comes from a 13kWh battery with a range of around 200 miles between charges. With a 220-volt outlet, the C-1 changes 100% in four hours, with 110, it moves up to eight hours. Zero-to-60 times are five seconds with a top speed of better than 100 mph. 

Can you buy a C-1 EV now?

Lit Motors C-1
Lit Motors C-1 two-wheel car | Lit

Since the C-1 has been in further development since 2015, it appears to have technology in its infancy back then. Drive-by-wire is one addition. Another is side-curtain airbags. The overall structure is similar to a space frame for added protection.  

The plan is to take the reservation capital to begin production. Lit Motors intends on manufacturing 10,000 C-1s by 2026. Then, ramping up builds Lit is hoping to crank out another 100,000 C-1s between 2027 and 2031. While seeming like a big bite, Lit may be using its production of the Kubo scooter. 

Does Lit Motors produce anything else?

Lit Motors Kubo delivery scooter | Lit

Lit already has the Kubo scooter in production. It also utilizes gyroscopic stabilization, similar to the C-1. Considered more of an urban delivery vehicle, the most prominent feature is the square void in the center of its frame for packages and light cargo. It is a cheap last-mile alternative to similar vehicles like the Nimbus and Arcimoto three-wheelers. 

The bottom line is that Lit has a fully-developed internally balanced enclosed two-wheeler it’s using pre-order reservations to begin production. And it has production experience with its Kubo scooter as somewhat of a guide. Though dissimilar, the Nimbus and Arcimoto are close enough to establish this type of personal EV as a viable product.


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