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It’s pretty easy to say that the 2023 Toyota Venza is not one of the best midsize SUVs in most regards. This is the case because it is one of the least reliable midsize SUVs of 2023. However, though reliability matters to buyers, the Toyota Venza resale value is actually pretty amazing and shows that the individual J.D. Power scores don’t always impact each other as one might assume.

Here’s a look into the 2023 Toyota Venza resale value and how the vehicle stacks up in other areas.

The 2023 Toyota Venza has an unexpectedly high resale value

People don’t often call the 2023 Toyota Venza one of the best midsize SUVs. This is the case because it’s not a reliable vehicle. In fact, J.D. Power only gave it a 76 out of 100 for in the area, which the marketing research firm considers ‘average.’ This is much better than the SUV being considered ‘poor,’ but it does little to inspire confidence for buyers.

It’s a bit puzzling that although the Toyota Venza is the least reliable SUV in its segment, it has a high resale value. J.D. Power gave it an 89 out of 100, which is considered ‘great.’ A vehicle’s resale value is significant because it determines how much it will be worth in a few years. This is especially important for buyers who may sell or trade in their vehicles in the near future. Most would assume that an unreliable vehicle like the Venza would struggle in this area.

The Toyota Venza delivers solid performance

Besides the Toyota Venza’s resale value, it also delivers pretty impressive performance. This can be proven by its 82 out of 100 driving experience score from J.D. Power. Of course, the marketing research firm uses other areas besides performance for this score, but this is what many buyers care about the most. It may not make up for the Toyota Venza’s low reliability score, but it’s one great aspect Toyota can claim for its midsize SUV that often flies under the radar.

Regarding performance, the 2023 Toyota Venza uses a hybrid 2.5-liter line-four that makes 219 hp. It’s an all-wheel drive SUV that uses a continuously variable transmission. The Venza gets from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 7.6 seconds. In addition to the Toyota Venza’s resale value, people like it because it’s an efficient SUV. It averages 40 miles per gallon in the city and 37 MPG on the highway. In fact, this might be one reason why it retains so much of its value.

This is one of the best midsize SUVs for safety

Adding to its resale value, the 2023 Toyota Venza is also one of the safest vehicles in its class. The Venza is a Top Safety pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This means the SUV excels in crashworthiness, crash avoidance & mitigation, and level of seatbelts & child restraints. Because of this, drivers can feel an added level of security in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Overall, it’s surprising that the unreliable Toyota Venza would have such a high resale value. However, we can’t ignore that the SUV has other areas that stand out and could make a difference in how much it might depreciate. This is a vehicle people should think twice about, but it’s still one that some people could be happy with. It’s also important to point out that every vehicle is different and that some unreliable models might not have issues for some buyers.

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