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General Motors is a well-known name in the automotive industry and is highly regarded for producing a diverse range of high-quality vehicles. As one of the largest automakers in the world, GM boasts an extensive portfolio that includes several popular and successful brands: Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and GMC. Additionally, the automaker saw an 18% rise in sales in the first quarter of 2023.

However, not all brands enjoy the same level of popularity and consumer appeal. Looking at the overall sales figures for 2022, GM experienced a modest 2.5% increase in its total sales. Unfortunately, one particular brand within GM’s portfolio faced a staggering 42.43% decline in sales during that year. Which brand was it, and how are they doing so far in 2023?

Data from GM Authority reveals that GM experienced robust sales across its various brands. Chevrolet, for instance, witnessed a 5.59% increase in sales, with an impressive 1,518,048 units sold in 2022. Cadillac also achieved an impressive sales growth of 13.88%, reaching a total of 134,726 units sold during the same period. GMC, another brand under GM’s umbrella, saw a rise in sales, with 517,649 units sold, reflecting a 7.30% increase. The success of these three brands significantly contributed to General Motors’ overall sales performance.

In contrast to the success of other GM brands, Buick encountered difficulties in its performance last year. The brand experienced a significant decline in sales, with only 103,519 units sold in 2022, representing a substantial drop of 42.43%. This makes Buick the least popular brand under the GM umbrella.

While there was a positive sales increase for the Buick Encore, with 2,487 units sold and a notable 208.95% rise compared to the previous year, the other three models faced declining sales. The Buick Enclave saw a 10.51% decrease in sales, while the Encore GX and Envision experienced declines of 10.09% and 17.48%, respectively.

Buick’s position between the luxury and mainstream segments may have contributed to its sales drop, possibly due to increased competition and shifting consumer preferences. These factors likely influenced buyers’ decisions and impacted Buick’s overall sales performance in 2022.

Buick’s numbers for 2023 are better

Based on the data provided by GM Authority for the first quarter of 2023, General Motors has witnessed a notable increase in overall sales, with a promising 18% rise. This includes the performance of Buick, indicating that the brand has also contributed to the positive sales growth experienced by GM thus far in the year.

During the first quarter of 2023, Buick demonstrated a remarkable sales surge, experiencing a substantial 99.2% increase with a total of 38,138 units sold. Notably, all four models under the Buick brand witnessed a boost in sales. While the Encore GX and Envision experienced declines in sales in 2022, they have shown impressive recoveries in the current year. The Encore GX recorded a 128.15% increase in sales, while the Envision witnessed a remarkable 241.84% surge in sales, so far in 2023. These positive sales trends indicate a strong rebound for Buick’s models and suggest increased consumer interest and demand.

Buick is (currently) outselling Cadillac

To provide some context, as of now, in 2023, Buick has sold 38,138 units, while Cadillac has sold 36,321 units. It’s important to note that Buick has a smaller lineup compared to Cadillac, making its sales jump even more impressive. Cadillac currently offers seven different models in its lineup, whereas Buick has a smaller range with just four models. Despite having fewer options, Buick’s significant sales increase showcases its strong performance and highlights its ability to attract consumer interest and demand.

General Motors has demonstrated positive sales growth across its brands in the first quarter of 2023. Despite facing challenges in 2022, Buick has shown a remarkable turnaround in the current year, with a strong surge in sales. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, GM’s diverse brand portfolio allows the company to adapt to shifting consumer tastes and maintain a competitive position in the market. With promising sales figures and an ongoing commitment to innovation, GM remains a prominent player in the industry.

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