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Everyone knows what a lawn mower is used for. Mowing lawns, of course. But did you know that there are several lawn mower driving lawns related to lawn mowers? It’s true! Let’s talk about just some of the lawn mower driving laws you may not know about.

A man driving a lawnmower in the street, in many areas lawnmower driving laws say mowers aren't street legal
Driving a lawnmower in the street. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Riding lawn mowers are meant for one place and one place only. And that place? Is your lawn. In fact, according to HotCars, lawn mowers aren’t street legal in most areas. While many might think that they are, HotCars reports that many states have lawn mower driving laws banning people from driving their lawn mowers not only on public roads but highways too. As it turns out, the only place you might come across riding lawn mowers driving on the road is in rural areas.

However, if you do want to take your riding lawn mower for a spin on public roads, be sure to check your local ordinances before getting behind the wheel. HotCars also suggests outfitting your lawn mower with the proper lights and turn signals. Keep in mind that you might need to register your lawn mower and get a license plate for it too.

Yes, you can get a DUI for driving a riding lawn mower under the influence

Did you know that you can be charged with a DUI for operating your lawn mower while intoxicated? It’s true. You can. As a matter of fact, according to Carson J. Heefner, a Minneapolis-based law firm, driving a lawn mower while drunk could put you at risk of being arrested for a DUI. The law firm reports that’s because drunk driving statutes often use the term “motor vehicles” rather than more specific terms like “car” or “motorcycle.”

Several people have been arrested for driving their lawn mower while intoxicated too. Take, for example, this man from Central New York. According to Times Union, state troopers caught the man driving his lawn mower on the street. After pulling him over, state troopers allegedly found that he was more than four times over the legal limit for driving while intoxicated. He was promptly arrested and was later charged with multiple traffic offenses.

Driving a lawn mower with a suspended license could get you into trouble too

A lawnmower in the street
Lawnmower in the street. | Joe Raedle/Newsmakers

Driving a lawn mower while drunk isn’t the only thing that can get you into trouble. HotCars reports that driving a lawnmower with a suspended license can get you into trouble too. “ The law seeks to take away any possibility of a drunk driver striking again because even lawn mowers can cause quite a bit of damage if used improperly,” HotCars explained.

They aren’t wrong either. The TCPalm reports that back in 2017, a Florida man was arrested after driving a lawn mower while on a suspended license. At the time, the man told police that his license was suspended and that he was using his lawnmower to get around. 

These aren’t the only lawn mower driving laws worth knowing about

These are just some of the lawn mower driving laws you should know about, HotCars reports. In fact, other lawn mower driving laws include age restrictions, passenger requirements, and in states like California, emissions regulations.