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With great power comes awesome 0-60 mph launches. The 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition makes a monstrous 835 horsepower and 908 lb-ft of torque using its quad motor system. Here’s how it feels to launch the quickest pickup truck on the market.

Launching the 2022 Rivian R1T is glorious

Picture this: it’s a beautiful spring day, and you’re behind the wheel of an $85,000 Rivian R1T Launch Edition (the world’s fastest truck). Life is already pretty good in that scenario, but it can get even better. You’ve got a nice stretch of open road. After checking your rearview mirror for traffic and seeing nothing but asphalt, you bring the mighty truck to a complete stop.

The 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition electric pickup truck | Charles Singh for MotorBiscuit

After holding down the brake pedal, you lay the hammer down on the accelerator and floor it. The ensuing burst of speed feels like a Star Wars hyperspace jump. Launching the Rivian R1T is as close as we may get to teleportation in this lifetime. Hold on to your everything because this pickup will fill your stomach with butterflies in the best way possible. The electric truck goes from 0-60 miles per hour in about 3.3 seconds.

I recently had the pleasure of launching a 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition near Tallman Mountain State Park in Rockland County, New York. The experience made me respect the R1T even more. It has commendable on-road manners, but this pickup is clearly best-enjoyed when livin’ life on the wild side.

Launching an electric truck with 908 lb-ft of torque feels like freedom. The R1T represents a level of innovation and exploration that most automakers can’t touch. Between its on-road comfort, off-road capability, and breathtaking agility, Rivian’s pickup truck is truly an anomaly.

The R1T is more than an off-road truck

It’s easy to see Rivian R1T as an electric off-road truck because of its amazing off-roading prowess, but the electric pickup isn’t just for trails and rock climbing. According to, it has a whopping eight drive modes. The R1T’s ride quality and driving experience can be specifically tailored to different moods and types of terrains.

A red 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition electric pickup truck is pared on a sunny day.
The 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition | Charles Singh for MotorBiscuit

Its independent air suspension can adjust the truck’s ground clearance while you drive. Whether you want to feel the road beneath you or completely avoid obstacles off-road, this truck’s got a drive mode for you.

The R1T excels at off-roading. It even conquered the Hell’s Gate off-road obstacle in Moab, Utah. It can off-road with the best of ’em, but it’s too versatile to be classified as just an off-road truck.

The Rivian R1T Launch Edition is the best of both worlds

It’s rare to come across a vehicle that handles well both on and off-road. The R1T Launch Edition makes city traffic a breeze thanks to standard Rivian Drive+ features like Highway Assist.

Highway Assist provides automatic steering, braking, and acceleration on some highways. The feature allows the R1T to accelerate to keep up with the flow of traffic and lets drivers adjust how far they’d like to follow the vehicle in front of them. If you’re worried about giving up total control, the R1T requires you to stay attentive in Highway Assist mode, drastically reducing the risk of accidents.

The R1T Launch Edition truly is the best of both worlds. It’ll be exciting to see how this nameplate evolves and grows in popularity in the years to come. Check out an R1T off-roading in the video below.

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