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Many people associate Lamborghini with excess and pushing the envelope unapologetically. Reminiscing about the bull-horns shape in the Miura, the sheer over-the-top nature of the Countach, or the sinister Sesto Elemento will bring you to that same conclusion. However, the CEO of Lamborghini is adamant that the company needs to head in another direction. Lamborghini’s next generation of cars will be socially conscious and responsible.

Lamborghini is going to build the upcoming bulls with a different formula

Lamborghini Next Generation: Cars Must Be Socially Conscious
Lamborghini Urus and Huracan | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

The storied Italian company’s CEO Stephan Winkelmann says that Lamborghini will change its direction. Specifically, Winkelmann says Lamborghini will listen to the concerns of consumers and their environmental concerns. He states that Lamborghini will electrify sooner than expectations or laws dictate.

Lamborghini’s CEO says that the company has been testing EVs from across the market, and he is confident that consumers will continue to trust the company. Top Gear sees the move as a gamble, but Lamborghini has already announced that electrification will be present in every future car.

The upcoming Lamborghini next generation lineup is going to look different

Up to Speed- Lamborghini | Donut Media

Winkelmann says that by 2025, the entire Lamborghini range will be two plug-in hybrid (PHEV) supercars, an EV Urus replacement, and a fourth, fully-electric car. The Aventador replacement is reportedly going to be a plug-in hybrid supercar. Additionally, the Urus, traditionally an SUV utilizing internal combustion, will have a completely electric replacement. The CEO says that consumers will respond well to that replacement. He added that drivers typically put more miles on the Urus than on the supercars.

Lamborghini Next Generation: Cars Must Be Socially Conscious
Lamborghini Aventador | Robert Hradil, Getty Images

So what about that fourth model? Lamborghini is calling the upcoming fourth EV model a heritage-focused vehicle. Winkelmann calls the car a luxury GT, perplexing Top Gear, seeing as GT cars have fallen in popularity. Lamborghini says that the segment is “small, but stable” and therefore worth exploring. The upcoming all-electric model’s design will incorporate an innovative body shape and ground clearance considerations, likely due to its GT purpose.

Why is Lamborghini electrifying before government regulations?

Lamborghini Next Generation: Cars Must Be Socially Conscious
Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

According to Top Gear, the swan song release of the last Aventador, the Ultimae, generated quite a spectacle. “They sold in the blink of an eye,” Winkelmann said. He went on to say that the Ultimae marked the “end of the pure, naturally-aspirated, non-electrified era.” Winkelmann accompanied that bittersweet remark with some insight into the next generation of Lamborghini.

Lamborghini will electrify because the customers and the public are calling for environmentally friendly, socially conscious cars. “The new generation is willing to talk to us only if we are sustainable,” Winkelmann said. He went on to say that Lamborghinis need to be held in reverence not just by drivers but also spectators. “The others are following us because they love the brand, and they trust we are doing the right thing,” Winkelmann stated.

Perhaps most exciting, Lamborghini asserts that performance is not only part of the formula but also a promise to the consumer. Lamborghini claims the next generation cars will have to outperform their predecessors. 


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