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Selling your car often comes with headaches. But few are likely to experience getting your Lamborghini Aventador stolen while trying to sell it. Unfortunately, that’s what happened to an Aventador owner in Waterloo, Ontario, recently.

Waterloo Regional Police reported an Aventador was stolen on March 5 under the guise of a prospective purchase. Police reported the victim had listed the Lamborghini for sale online. He later arranged to meet with a man who contacted him with interest in purchasing the black Aventador.

The suspect apparently played the part by arriving in a Mercedes-Maybach “with other individuals inside.”

It wasn’t reported whether the six-figure luxury car was rented, stolen, or perhaps owned by the suspect. However, its price tag suggests, at least to the Aventador owner, the prospective buyer had the financial means to purchase the high-price Lamborghini. Police did not reveal specifics of the Aventador. However, the average value of a 2012-22 model is over $400,000, according to

Police reported the suspect “requested to take the Lamborghini for a test drive and was permitted to sit in the [Aventador] with the keys inside.” Once inside, the suspect closed the door and drove off “at a high rate of speed, followed by the Mercedes.”

Waterloo Regional Police announced it was investigating the incident. It asked anyone with more information or dash-camera footage — after all, an Aventador is hard to miss on the road — to contact police.

A yellow Lamborghini Aventador S
Lamborghini Aventador S | Lamborghini

The department had not announced an update to its investigation as of March 10.

The owner is likely hoping his experience turns out similarly to a Lambo owner who had his Huracan stolen late last year in Memphis, Tennessee.

A 2016 Lamborghini Huracan owner had his supercar stolen in November while stopping to order takeout food. The owner noted he saw four police cruisers parked nearby and “thought his car was safe.” He returned 30 minutes later to find his Huracan stolen. It has been broken into just a few months earlier, the owner reported.

The owner, who said the Huracan is valued at about $250,000, offered a $5,000 reward for those who helped him locate it. However, the Huracan was later found a few days later nearby, Memphis police reported. No charges were filed at the time, but police were investigating and calling on those with any information to contact police.

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