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After a party near Lake Tahoe, Kiely Rodni’s Honda CR-V SUV went missing with her on August 6, 2022. Various agencies, from the FBI to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, assisted in looking for Rodni and her Honda sport utility vehicle, but Adventures With Purpose made the discovery.

Adventures With Purpose found Kiely Rodni’s Honda CR-V

Kiely Rodni's Honda CR-V has been found by Adventures with Purpose
Kiely Rodni’s 2013 Honda CR-V | NBC News via YouTube

According to NBC News, Kiely Rodni was at a party around 12:30 AM on August 6 near the lake’s Prosser Family Campground. About 100 other people were at the party just north of Truckee, California. Rodni left in her 2013 Honda CR-V and was not seen again. The area was a family campground that police extensively searched after she was reported missing. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office initially thought it could have been an abduction.

Since Kiely Rodni’s Honda CR-V was also missing, people were looking for the SUV. After checking her cell phone history, police found that Rodni’s phone last pinged near Prosser Lake. Searches around the lake showed no signs of Rodni or her silver 2013 CR-V. The SUV had a California license plate that read 8YUR127.

According to local news station KXAN, over 14 groups worked together to search for the missing teen. The California Highway Patrol,  FBI, Homeland Security, and a few local sheriff’s offices teamed up to search the area. Police used helicopter aerial searches, motorcycles, ATVs, K9s, and boats during the search.

Kiely Rodni’s Honda CR-V was in Prosser Lake, not far from where she went missing

The area of Prosser Lake was only about 14 feet deep, but the boats were not able to adequately search the site. Adventures With Purpose is a search and recovery dive group that volunteers to search bodies of water to look for missing people. So far, AWP has helped solve 23 missing persons cold cases.

The AWP team was able to dive into the lake to confirm that Kiely Rodni’s Honda CR-V SUV was at the bottom. AWP also confirmed that there was a body inside the vehicle. Placer County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a body was inside the vehicle, but the identity had not been confirmed.

Adventures With Purpose plans to go live with all of the information Monday morning.

Adventures With Purpose and Chaos Divers have helped locate many missing people

Doug Bishop of Adventures With Purpose told CBS News that the 2013 Honda CR-V was located in 14 feet of water. It was only about 300 yards away from the campground that Kiely Rodni was last seen at. The group used sonar imaging technology to make the discovery.

A similar group, Chaos Divers, helped locate Jeff Anthony Shepherd and his 1984 Ford F-150 late last year. Both had been missing since 2018 and were found in a lake off Highway 27. In 2018, a semi-truck went through a guardrail, but it was not adequately repaired. Shepherd’s F-150 went into the lake and wasn’t seen again until drivers looked in the body of water.

Adventures With Purpose plans to go live at 12:00 PM ET on the official YouTube channel with more information.


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