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While Honda hasn’t been shy about widely publicizing issues with the airbag systems in hundreds of thousands of its vehicles, one recall released last year might have gone unnoticed. If you’re looking to buy a certain CR-V year range or already own one, you’ll want to know about this.

At the end of March 2023, the NHTSA announced a structural recall on five CR-V model years. More than 616,000 2007 to 2011 CR-Vs in 23 states are flagged. The issue: Road salt may cause corrosion in the rear frame. This can lead to the detachment of the rear trailing arms.

The rear frame has bolt holes to mount the rear trailing arms. If the holes get too rusted, they won’t hold the arms in place. The arms connect to the rear suspension components. As such, there’s one on each side (a right rear and a left rear).

Consequently, a detached rear trailing arm can cause a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash.

A blue 2008 Honda CR-V driving on a city freeway the car is part of a rear frame recall released in 2023
2008 Honda CR-V | Honda

Due to the nature of the problem, Honda will offer to inspect the frame and provide one of several remedies. These include installing a custom support brace, repairing the rear frame, or even repurchasing the vehicle.

As an illustration, you can watch how the support bracket install works just below.


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Letters to owners went out in May of 2023. If you’re in the market for a 2007-2011 Honda CR-V, be sure to check on this recall. The NHTSA campaign number is 23V228000.