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Kia is on the verge of busting the EV world wide open. Soon, Kia will build electric vehicles that are sold in the United States here. Several new Kia EV models will join the lineup over the next few years. Among those new arrivals is a Kia EV9 GT that should be one of the most powerful three-row SUVs to ever hit the market.

2024 Kia EV9 In a Desert kicking up a lot of dust as an excellent off-road EV.
2024 Kia EV9 In a Desert | Kia

What does Kia have up its proverbial sleeve?

Kia is transitioning electric vehicles to its future and new battery technology as quickly as possible. Kia CEO Ho-Sung Song recently announced some changes at an Investor Day event. As CarBuzz tells us, the plan is to move over to the Generation 4 and Generation 5 battery tech as quickly as possible.

The move to solid-state batteries shouldn’t be too far behind these new EV generational platforms. Kia intends to build vehicles powered by solid-state batteries before 2030 to stay on track with the brand’s goals for sales and development.

How does the next decade of Kia look?

When the calendar hits 2030 and beyond, Kia expects to accomplish two important goals in its EV development. These are:

  • Increase battery energy density by 50%
  • Cut costs by 40%

Solid-state batteries should provide Kia with the pathway to these goals. These new batteries will be smaller, cheaper to produce, more energy-dense, and lighter.

Where will Kia build US-sold EVs?

Although Kia originally spoke out against the strict regulations of the Inflation Reduction Act, a new US-based $5.5-billion plant will begin producing Kia EVs in 2025. The strict requirements of this federal act reduces the number of qualifying EVs for the Federal EV Tax Credit to 10 in 2024 unless automakers invest in the American economy, which Kia is doing.

Will Kia offer sporty electric vehicles?

The Kia EV6 already includes the sporty EV6 GT variant. You might not expect a three-row SUV to also include a performance model, but Kia will offer a new EV9 GT with impressive power and driving.

One of Kia’s goals is to become a sporty brand. That said, don’t expect the Carnival minivan to come in an EV form with 700 horsepower. That would be a bit too much for most drivers. Still, the new EV9 GT will have a dual-motor AWD system made to produce incredible power figures. In fact, this high-po electric family hauler could hit that 700-horsepower figure.

Kia takes the EV world by storm

In the EV world, the only status quo is Tesla. Kia’s lofty goals and improvements appear to be clearly aimed directly at Tesla. If these new Kia EVs offer improved driving qualities, several high-performance models, and the Federal EV Tax Credit benefits, Kia could quickly take large portions of the electric vehicle market share.