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The Kia EV9 is one of the first three-row electric SUVs in the mainstream market. Although the Tesla Model X has been around for several years, few other electric SUVs come with three rows for a large family. It should be no surprise that Kia brought us an electric alternative to the Telluride. Kia and Hyundai are filling the market with EVs, and the new EV9 could be the perfect SUV for your family.

Everyone gets comfortable in the Kia EV9

This new three-row electric SUV has comfortable seats in every row, providing plush and padded seating for your passengers. The front seats have standard heating and cooling, also available for the second-row captain’s chairs at higher trims.

The tri-zone climate control system allows the driver, front passenger, and second-row passengers to control their comfort zones. Kia includes physical buttons for these controls, a welcome relief from the screen-dominated Tesla Model X.

2024 Kia EV9 Interior Layout showing three rows of seats.
2024 Kia EV9 Interior Layout | Kia

All devices stay charged along the way

Whether going on a road trip or running errands, there are enough charging ports for everyone in the Kia EV9. This electric SUV features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a charging pad to make it easy for the driver to charge and stay connected. You’ll also find six USB-C ports to keep everyone’s devices charged.

Five trim levels provide various driving ranges

The EV9 has five trim levels: Light, Light Long Range, Wind, Land, and GT-Line. The driving range and number of motors and battery size vary. Across the EV9 trims, these figures are:

 LayoutBattery SizeDriving Range
LightSingle Motor76.1-kWh230 miles
Light Long RangeSingle Motor99.8-kWh304 miles
WindDual Motor99.8-kWh280 miles
LandDual Motor99.8-kWh280 miles
GT-LineDual Motor99.8-kWh270 miles

Each trim features various equipment upgrades from the one below it. For example, the Light Long Range has second-row captain’s chairs while the Light does not. The Wind model has a heat pump to help extend the driving range and dual sunroofs.

The Kia EV9 utilizes 800-volt charging which accepts up to 350-kW of power to ensure excellent charging times.

Can the charging time work for a family?

How long does it take for a family to stop during a road trip? If the time spent in a convenience store is nearly 30 minutes, this works while driving and charging the Kia EV9. Joel Stocksdale of Autoblog described his road trip in the cold as easy and worry-free. He mentioned charging stops of 30 minutes, enough time for the Kia EV9 batteries to reach 80% of the full charge.

The EV9 is ideal for family driving

The new Kia EV9 has a versatile cabin with three rows of seats, lots of charging ports for devices, convenient climate controls, comfortable seats, and fast charging for the family driving experience. These qualities make this new electric SUV an excellent family-sized EV option, especially considering its cost compared to the Tesla Model X.

Source: Cleantechnica