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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is in full swing. Kia makes its first appearance at the show in five years. This return is marked by the debut of some new and interesting EV models but highlighted by the new Kia PBV. This new term isn’t meant for a singular vehicle, and Kia is a little cagey about what it is, except to say that it’s meant for future technology and innovation from Kia.

What is the Kia PBV?

According to Kia Media, PBV stands for Platform Beyond Vehicle. This name indicates the new platform could combine transportation needs with other mobility requirements, aiding people who can’t navigate the world without assistance. Of course, this new tech-based platform could also be much more than that, with tech and dedicated features for various partnership programs.

Kia PBV Concpets that will be on display at CES
Kia PBV Concpets | Kia

What PBV-based features will be on display at CES?

The Kia PBV exhibition brings five new concept models to our view. The first vehicle riding on this new platform enters production in 2025. Other items wearing the PBV signifier will also be on display.

There should be a range of Kia-exclusive PBV technology and a PBV-dedicated presentation. This will showcase how this new platform works to address mobility and software needs beyond the requirements set in a vehicle.

Will Kia have anything else on display?

It’s an electronics show, and as such, Kia is putting its future lineup of EVs on display for all to see. Kia will also showcase new EV concepts and models that will hit the market this year. These EVs we’ll see at CES include:

  • Kia EV3 Concept
  • Kia EV4 Concept
  • Kia EV9
  • Kia EV6 GT

These new EVs show how the Kia electric vehicle lineup expands to meet the needs of a future market.

When is the Kia press conference?

If you want to enjoy the Kia presention of its new models and the PBV-based tech, tune in to the livestream on at 3 pm PST/6 pm EST today. This is when we’ll learn and understand Kia’s future EV plans, including how PBV can take things beyond the vehicle.