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It’s a tempting prospect for celebrities and car enthusiasts alike; buying a classic Mercedes-Benz SL with a surplus of elegance and character is exciting. However, for famous actor Jennifer Aniston, the execution of buying her sought-after Mercedes-Benz 280SL didn’t turn out how she had hoped. Read about the unfortunate experience of Aniston and her lemon-flavored vintage Mercedes. 

Why did Jennifer Aniston buy an old Mercedes-Benz 280SL?

The Friends and Murder Mystery franchise star would pass a cream-colored vintage Mercedes-Benz 280SL when driving through Melrose in Los Angeles, California. When Aniston was new to Friends, she got her first paycheck from the show; the rest was history. She dropped around $13,000 on the classic German roadster and drove it home. 

Jennifer Aniston poses for a picture.
Jennifer Aniston | Jason Merritt via Getty Images

“I was always like, ‘I can’t wait. Someday,’” Aniston said of the beckoning “Pagoda” Mercedes SL model. Unfortunately for the patient actor, the 280SL would be too good to be true.  

What happened with Jennifer Aniston’s vintage Mercedes?

“I bought it. And then I drove it,” Jennifer Aniston said in a recent interview. Tragically, the Mercedes SL model broke down almost immediately after she bought it. “It was a lemon,” she told an interviewer. 


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It’s a heartbreaking story; the Pagoda SL is a stunning and elegant drop-top Mercedes model. It makes sense that Aniston would covet the California car with the for sale sign. Moreover, given California’s compliant climate and lack of road salt, the classic SL would potentially be a low-to-no rust situation. 

Still, Jennifer Aniston’s vintage Mercedes let her down. CNBC reports that it’s unclear whether Aniston kept the car after the disappointing experience. 

What kind of cars does Jennifer Aniston own?

Since her unfortunate ownership experience with the Mercedes-Benz 280SL, the star has built quite a car collection. Aniston moved up to the noteworthy Porsche 911 Targa, a staple in luxury performance cars. Moreover, her garage includes a sensible Toyota Prius and a Hollywood favorite: a Range Rover.  

1969 Mercedes Benz 280SL | National Motor Museum via Heritage Images via Getty Images

What is a Mercedes 280SL worth?

Today, a Mercedes-Benz 280SL like Jennifer Aniston’s lemon is a collector’s item. According to Hagerty, a 1969 model in good condition is worth around $74,500. Furthermore, the sought-after Pagoda model is gaining popularity; the average value has increased by 6.4% since January 2023. 

Are any Mercedes SL models dependable?

Fortunately for collectors and fans, the SL lineup isn’t all headaches and hemorrhaging money. For instance, an R107 generation SL offers nearly 20 years of models. Also, with Bosch fuel injection and a tough, albeit lazy 4.5L V8, a 450SL could be a dependable model compared to older examples. 

Jennifer Aniston bought a vintage cream Mercedes-Benz 280SL like this on on a country road.
A 280SL on a back road | Richard Bord via Getty Images

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Better yet, a 450SL, like a 1977 model, has a value of around $15,000 in good condition. However, the Mercedes SL from the R107 generation is gaining popularity. Fans should consider snagging one sooner rather than later. 

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