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A new class-action lawsuit has been filed over the Stellantis Jatco JF011E transmission. It was Jeep’s CVT or continuously variable transmission. This isn’t the first time Jeeps have experienced transmission problems. These transmissions are found in both the Patriot and Compass. It could also be found in the Dodge Caliber.

The lawsuit alleges “violent jerking, juddering, and shuddering.” It covers a lot of cars including the 2010-2013 Patriot and Compass, and the 2010-2012 Caliber. Allegedly, vehicles with the transmission lag and fail to accelerate from a stoplight. It says that these transmissions overheat.

It is alleged that the Jeep vehicles lose power when heated up

The new Jeep Compass Trailhawk is introduced to the media at the Chicago Auto Show on July 14, 2021 in Chicago, Illinois. The show, which opens to the public tomorrow, is the first major auto show to be held in the United States since the start of the pandemic.
The Jeep Compass Trailhawk | Scott Olson via Getty Images

When that happens the transmissions slow down and lose power. The lawsuit says that Chrysler hid the problems by issuing technical service bulletins to its dealers. But no recall was ever offered. The plaintiff of record purchased a new 2012 Jeep Compass, which he still owns today.

For its part, Stellantis says the lawsuit has no merit. It gives several reasons why. It states that in 2014 the plaintiff took his Compass into the local dealership to fix the transmission. At that time it has 20,000 miles on the odometer. The dealership repaired the transmission at no charge. When it happened again in 2018, the plaintiff never asked for any repairs. 

It also says that the Jeep Compass runs as it did when the plaintiff first bought it. Because he still owns it today, Stellantis says that proves their point. And because he has never requested any repairs to his Compass since 2014 shows the owner is satisfied with the SUV. And it notes that the statute of limitations means the lawsuit comes too late to be heard and that all warranties have expired. 

The plaintiff first experienced problems with his Compass two years after purchasing it

Jeep Compass
Jeep Compass | Stellantis

When the first incident occurred, the plaintiff says he was driving up a grade in 100-degree heat between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. At that point, the transmission temperature light turned on. Then, the Compass immediately slowed down. 

He pulled over and turned it off for 30 minutes. When he took off after that there were no further incidents. He took the vehicle to his local dealership when he returned to LA. It replaced a cooler bypass valve and the transmission level was topped off. The dealer told the plaintiff they tested it and it performed satisfactorily. 

Stellantis says, “After the repair was completed, Plaintiff told an FCA US customer service representative that ‘everything seemed  fine [ ] with the vehicle’ and he ‘would be sure to let the dealership know if he experienced any other concern with it.’ When the service representative followed up a few days later, Plaintiff reported his vehicle was ‘performing well’ and he would ‘be sure to keep them informed if there should be another vehicle concern.’”


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