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From waving, and ducking, to pulling Ford Bronco models out of the mud, the Jeep community and lifestyle are wild. The culture has grown at a tremendous wait. But we won’t just shrug off your questions because it’s a ‘Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.’ 

In today’s article about the culture, we’re breaking down Jeep names. Why do people name their rigs? 

What’s with all these crazy Jeep names? 

the 2024 Jeep Wrangler off-roading
2024 Jeep Wrangler

Naming your Jeep is an important way to instantly earn respect in the community. Naming your Jeep shows that you have pride in your ride. Plus, it helps you quickly identify your rig at events and meetups. 

People name their Jeep models because they are personal. The connection between a person and a Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, or Gladiator goes beyond having a daily driver. 

Some Jeep models are personally customized for different types of activities for the entire family to enjoy. With thousands of aftermarket parts and accessories, you can build an overlanding rig, rock crawler, or a swamp thing. 

Each Jeep name represents a little about your personality and purpose. That’s why the names are often displayed on the windshield and side of the hood for others to see. 

We won’t make a list of the ‘best’ Jeep names, because that’s subjective. Some might love the name Big Bertha for their Wrangler while others think it’s strange. Also, the gender of each Jeep model is decided by the owner. 

Whether you have a boy Jeep or a lady one, some popular names include: 

  • Spartacus 
  • Grizzly 
  • Zeus 
  • Kodiak 
  • Jeepzilla 
  • Bella 
  • Big Betty 
  • Bullet 
  • Renegade 
  • Mud Crawler 
  • Willy’s 

When it comes to naming your Jeep, try to go with something that makes you happy. You want to be proud of your ride. Plus, names feel permanent! You might be stuck with the name for years. 

Picking something that’s easy to understand and pronounce can be helpful. Nothing takes the fun out of something like having to awkwardly explain it or repeat yourself multiple times. To avoid getting confused with others, try to aim for something unique. 

Factors to help you pick a relevant name include the make, model year, color, personal interests, and personality. For example, ‘Sandy,’ might be perfect for a beach bumming Jeep. Electro sounds cool for the 4xe in my humble opinion. 

Please share your favorite Jeep names, and get out there to wave the others and spread rubber ducks around!