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Maintenance costs are a significant factor to consider when shopping around for a new or used ride, and those dollars spent often depend on a particular model’s reliability. Jeep is synonymous with all-terrain ruggedness, but how does the American automaker stack up for reliability and costs when repairs are needed? According to user data, one Jeep model stands out for delivering the lowest maintenance cost among its brand, and it’s not the Compass.

Jeeps require ‘above average’ maintenance costs

RepairPal ranks Jeep at No. 15 out of 32 brands in reliability rating based on “an average across 345 unique models” across various brands. According to the site, the annual repair cost for a Jeep is $634, giving the brand above-average ownership costs. The average Jeep will require 0.3 repairs per year, and models have a 13% probability of encountering a “severe” repair.

For comparison, Honda tops the list. The average annual repair cost for one of the Japanese automaker’s models is $428, and Hondas only have a 10% probability of requiring a severe repair. Porsche is at the other end of the scale, ranked No. 32 out of 32 automakers listed on RepairPal. Porsche owners spend an average of $1,192 annually on annual repair costs for scheduled and unscheduled repairs.

The Renegade offers the lowest annual maintenance costs among Jeep models

The Jeep Renegade is the automaker’s smallest SUV, and it is also the brand’s most affordable offering at $28,345 MSRP, just $55 lower than the slightly larger Compass. With its small dimensions and more basic amenities, the Renegade offers lower average maintenance costs across Jeep’s lineup.

Renegade owners will spend an average of $498 per year on repair costs. RepairPal states the most common problem among Renegade models is, er, nothing. “The Jeep Renegade has 0 reported problems,” the website states. Obviously, that’s not entirely true as presented, but it does showcase that the Renegade doesn’t have enough consistent issues to list. Hence, its reliability is dependent on its specific history and use.

Those seeking an all-terrain capable subcompact SUV don’t have much choice, but another option for Renegade buyers to consider is the Subaru Crosstrek. Subaru’s smallest SUV has an average annual maintenance cost of $492, just slightly lower than the Renegade, but it leads the pack among all compact SUVs in RepairPal’s reliability ratings.

The Compass trails the Renegade for low maintenance costs

The Jeep Compass is only slightly larger than the Renegade, but owners are likely to dish out more in annual maintenance costs and potentially experience more notable repairs. Compass owners will spend an average of $526 annually on maintenance costs, $28 more per year than Renegade buyers. However, Compass owners have reported far more issues.

The most common problem listed is the engine failing to start due to a control module fault, and nearly just as many owners have reported water leaks from the roof. Other reported issues include the requirement for a PCM software update, the electronic stability program not turning off even when the button to turn the system off is engaged, and abnormal noise and/or vibration from the front brakes under light braking.  

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