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The cost of repairs and maintenance play a significant role in car ownership. Even if a vehicle’s price falls within your budget, if it’s expensive to maintain, that can add up over the long term. So, whether buying new or used, it’s important to find something with reasonable annual maintenance. That just makes sense.

So, how does the Jeep brand stack up? According to RepairPal, one Jeep model has the highest annual maintenance costs, and it’s not the Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer.

Jeep’s average annual maintenance costs

Jeeps come packed with nostalgic style and rugged capability. Whether the Rubicon-ready Wrangler or the family-friendly Grand Cherokee, these American SUVs have an adventurous personality. Here’s what they cost to maintain.

RepairPal lists the average annual repair cost of a Jeep at $634. Common problems on Jeeps include the CVT transmission, temperature blend/recirculation doors that may fail and cause AC problems, and check engine light/misfire due to intake valve locks/valves. Common Jeep repair costs consist of timing chain tensioner replacement ($977-$1,153), steering gearbox replacement ($841-$887), and trailing arm replacement ($537-$581).

RepairPal further reports Jeep reliability at an above-average 3.5 out of 5. That’s solid, if not class-leading. Overall, owning a Jeep doesn’t bring excessive maintenance and repair expenses. Any vehicle requires regular upkeep, so spending money here and there is typical.

Jeep Wrangler annual maintenance costs

With its seven-slat grille, round headlights, and off-road tires, the Jeep Wrangler has a go-anywhere attitude. Consumers seem to like that, making it a strong seller year after year. However, it’s also the most expensive Jeep to maintain.

RepairPal shows an average annual repair cost of $694 for the Jeep Wrangler. Typical issues on the Wrangler include a water leak from the A-pillar on the side doors, a recall on the ignition switch due to a short circuit, and throttle position sensor failure. Jeep Wrangler common repair costs include track bar replacement ($434-$445), intake manifold gasket replacement ($371-$436), and vehicle speed sensor replacement ($121-$140).

While the Wrangler has a higher cost of upkeep, it isn’t much more than other Jeeps. Additionally, for those who like to hit the trails, the extra premium may be worth it. This classic SUV definitely has a unique appeal.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer annual maintenance costs

The Wagoneer is a legendary Jeep model. Originally produced from 1962-1993, Jeep brought it back for the 2022 model year. As the brand’s flagship, it has upscale luxury and a refined ride. Additionally, the top-of-the-line Grand Wagoneer offers even more equipment inside and out. So, do these high-end models have excessive repair expenses?

RepairPal says the Jeep Wagoneer has a $691 annual repair cost. That’s not a lot more than the average Jeep. While RepairPal doesn’t note common issues on the Wagoneer, the site does mention repair expenses. Examples include power seat motor replacement ($393-425), brake booster replacement ($292-460), and thermostat replacement ($141-$159).

However, the Grand Wagoneer brings significantly reduced annual repair expenses. RepairPal lists the Grand Wagoneer’s yearly repair costs at $521. Though usual problems aren’t mentioned, the prices of repairs are. Common fixes consist of fuel pump replacement ($488-$546), window regulator motor replacement ($265-$289), and engine mount replacement ($397-$479).

However, this data might not yet be taking into account the more recent revitalization of the nameplate, or common problems with the models are yet to appear, with so few new models on the road and so few miles on the odometers.

The Jeep brand is synonymous with adventure-ready SUVs. No matter the model, these sport utility vehicles offer off-road chops and solid road manners. While Wranglers are a little rough around the edges, the Grand Wagoneer has luxury for miles. However, they’re all reasonable to maintain, and that’s a strong selling point.

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