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The aftermarket is already heating up for Toyota‘s revamped GR 86. While the OEM engineering boffins upped power and torque with the new FA24 engine, that’s only a baseline for improvement. The vehicle hasn’t arrived at US dealers yet, but JDM tuners have already managed to get their hands on it for a head start. Here are some exciting developments from HKS that will be available soon.

One of the top JDM aftermarket brands

HKS and Fujitsubo exhaust systems on display at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon in Chiba, Japan
HKS and Fujitsubo exhaust systems on display at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon in Chiba, Japan | Alessandro Di Ciommo/NurPhoto via Getty Images

HKS is a staple in the JDM car community, well-known for high-quality aftermarket upgrades. Started in 1973, the Japanese company has grown from humble beginnings on a dairy farm near Mount Fuji to one of the most recognized brands in the tuning scene worldwide.

The firm produced a wide range of mods for the original Toyota FR-S / 86 and Subaru BRZ, including superchargers for the 2.0-liter FA20 powertrain. With 228 hp at the crank, the larger FA24 is already a massive improvement, but HKS is working on a GT2 supercharger kit for the new engine as well.

The FA24 engine clears its throat with help from JDM legend HKS

From the in-car video clips released so far, it’s clear the 2.4-liter GR 86 is vocal from behind the wheel, with help from the car’s speakers. But factory exhausts are generally too quiet from outside the vehicle, at least for enthusiasts’ ears. HKS’ Hi-Power Spec L II exhaust opens the tap and allows more of the FA24’s raw boxer sound to shine through. With 0.5mm piping and a titanium tip, the new exhaust is lightweight as well.

Classic Subaru fans might notice a distinct lack of rumble from the flat-four engine in the above video clip, however. That’s because the Toyobaru twins use an equal-length header from the factory. Like the FA20DIT in the 2015+ WRX, this design produces more of a subdued inline-four sound. For those yearning to hear the signature unequal-length rumble, JDM tuners could release headers to address that in the future.

HKS offers handling solutions and aero parts for the GR 86

2022 Toyota GR 86
2022 Toyota GR 86 | Toyota

Toyota did a fantastic job styling the new GR 86 overall. By most accounts, the factory suspension tuning is spot-on as well. That said, it’s the job of JDM tuners like HKS to provide improvements and they intend to deliver. For next-level aerodynamics, the firm will soon offer a front spoiler, side skirts, front/rear canards, and a GT-style rear wing.

For those obsessed with handling but unwilling to compromise on ride quality, HKS’ Hipermax S coilovers are a compelling option. The inverted monotube construction provides an inherently balanced result, thanks to low-friction technologies and improved bump stop design.

Final thoughts

Between factory and aftermarket improvements, there’s plenty to be excited about with the GR 86 and BRZ. Really, the mere fact that Toyota and Subaru renewed these models for another generation is a reason to celebrate. Most buyers will enjoy the GR 86 in stock form, but there’s plenty of room to optimize from there and take things to the next level. HKS has been around for a long time and clearly has no intention of letting up in pursuit of innovative performance solutions.

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