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Jaguar has never been a high-volume sales brand in the U.S. despite the British brand’s long-stranding presence “across the pond.” However, Jaguar sales as of late have been particularly low, even with respect to the brand’s relatively small lineup and luxury standing. So, just how bad is 2023 shaping up for Jaguar sales in the U.S.?

Jaguar sales are down almost across the board

Jaguar’s limited sales begin with its relatively small lineup. Despite rivals offering a plethora of SUVs from which to choose, those who want a “big cat” Jag SUV, at least one powered by internal combustion, are limited to the midsize F-Pace or the subcompact E-Pace. There’s only one sedan on offer from the brand, the XF, and currently a single EV, the I-Pace. The F-Type sports car continues to carry Jag’s performance banner, but 2024 will serve as its final year of production.

With five models on offer, it’s especially concerning that nearly all are experiencing slagging sales, according to stats gathered by GoodCarBadCar.

As Jaguar looks to its electric future, its sole EV of the moment is barely outselling the Nissan GT-R. Jag sold just 22 I-Pace models in September and has moved just 330 models this year, a 22 percent decrease over this time last year.

The E-Pace, despite being the automaker’s most affordable model, has seen the worst annual sales decline among brands so far into 2023. Just 387 models have been sold this year, a 62.5 percent decrease over the more than 1,000 units sold through Q3 in 2022.

The XF posted a solid September sales month, doubling the number of units sold during the same month of 2022, but annual sales of the luxe sedan are down 14 percent this year to 673 sales.

It’s difficult to speculate how Jaguar’s announcement that 2024 will serve as the final year of the F-Type has impacted its ability to move the model. Regardless, sales of the venerable sports car are down 20 percent this year, though the 2023 model, which starts at $77,900 MSRP, remains the second most popular model from the brand, with 858 units sold through September.

The one sales bright spot for Jaguar so far this year is the F-Pace, which has outsold all other models combined and by a significant margin — 3,795 F-Pace models have been sold through September while all other models have combined for 2,248 sales. Still, the popularity of the F-Pace isn’t exactly growing. September sales were down 40 percent from 2022, and Jaguar has sold just three more F-Paces this year through Q3 than last year.

Jaguar’s downward sales come as the automaker looks to electrify its lineup


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Jaguar’s lackluster sales come as the automaker looks to transform itself on the precipice of its electrified era. The automaker announced its lineup will be fully electric beginning for the 2025 model year. Finer details, like the potential introduction of new EV models or the all-electric powertrains to be equipped in existing products, have yet to be announced, however.

It remains to be seen whether Jaguar’s electrification push will revitalize its sales or lead to huge investment without much payoff. But as the British automaker’s sales stand currently, the move likely can’t come soon enough.