Is There Any Reason to Pick the Genesis G90 Over the Kia K900?

Within the last few years, the Hyundai Motor Group has transformed itself into a luxury-focused powerhouse. Two of Hyundai’s affiliates are Kia and Genesis. And while Genesis is technically a luxury brand, Kia has also produced its own lineup of luxury models. It just so happens that two of the year’s best luxury cars are the 2020 Genesis G90 and the 2020 Kia K900. Here’s what you should know about these upscale models.

How the G90 and the Kia K900 perform 

A Kia K900 on display at an auto show
Kia K900 | Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Kia

The 2020 G90 and the 2020 K900 share many of the same features, including their standard engines. These models come with a 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that delivers 365 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque. Both also come standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission. 

The twin-turbo V6 helps these large cars move swiftly and smoothly, and there’s no shortage of power. However, the G90 offers an optional engine while the K900 does not. The upper-level G90 features a 5.0-liter V8 that generates 420-hp and 383 pound-feet of torque. 

People look at a Hyundai Genesis G90 car during the 2nd China International Import Expo (CIIE) at the National Exhibition and Convention Center
The Genesis G90 | VCG/VCG via Getty Images

The V8 option on the G90 may sound tempting, but critics like Car and Driver have noted that it doesn’t do enough to move the G90 much quicker. What you should know is that neither the G90 nor the K900 are fuel-efficient. Both have below-average fuel economy ratings for the luxury large car class. 

Interior elements

The 2020 K900 offers a sharp cabin but its finishings are a little cheap.
2020 Kia K900 interior| Kia

Both the G90 and the K900 provide spacious, upscale cabins. These vehicles are so roomy and comfortable that U.S. News named these as two of the best luxury cars for tall people. The G90 and the K900 come with loads of extravagant features, including Nappa leather upholstery. However, there are a few distinctions in regards to the models’ interior elements.

The 2020 G90's Nappa leather upholstery in a toasted brown color
2020 Genesis G90 interior | Genesis

The G90 has a snazzier cabin compared to the K900’s. So if you want the most grandiose cabin, you’ll probably be more drawn to the G90. Critics aren’t as big of fans of the K900’s interior because of its mix of plastic and metal finishings. 

So much tech

The G90 and K900 provide plenty of tech which will make your car rides even better. Both models come with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, a 17-speaker stereo, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Although, the G90 offers a few more standard infotainment features, including navigation and wireless device charging. There’s also no shortage of advanced safety equipment in these two models either. Both the G90 and the K900 come with items such as forward-collision warning and driver-attention monitoring. 

Final thoughts

2020 Kia K900 driving down the countryside.
2020 Kia K900 | Kia

Which is Better at Luxury, the Genesis G90, or the Lexus LS?

You can’t go wrong with either the G90 or the K900. Both models are at the top of the large luxury car class for their dynamic power, exceptional comfort, and loads of tech. They’ve also earned above-average dependability ratings based on J.D. Power’s testing. 

Choosing between the G90 and the K900 mostly comes down to pricing. The K900 starts at $59,900, and the G90 starts at $72,200. We’d say the only reason to splurge for the G90 is for its fancier cabin, but the K900 delivers on both luxury and value.