Is Hyundai Assurance a Warranty?

The Hyundai name is associated with an array of vehicles. For the last several years the brand has grown in popularity. Winning awards and high ratings from trusted reviews on a number of models is Hyundai‘s claim to fame. Great warranties and something called Hyundai Assurance often come to mind in association with Hyundai Motor Group. But are they the same? Is Hyundai Assurance a warranty?

The short answer is no. But Hyundai Assurance and the Hyundai warranty, or “America’s Best Warranty,” are both part of a blanket list of services encompassed by Hyundai’s Owner Assurance. Hyundai became one of the most trusted car brands in America by offering one of best packages to new Hyundai owners.

The all new Hyundai Elantra.

An overview of Hyundai’s Owner Assurance package

According to Hyundai USA, Owner Assurance is an “umbrella of services that make driving better.” Let’s look a little deeper into that. Owner Assurance offered by Hyundai is a bundle of services that provides additional support to the reliability of Hyundai’s models.

Does Hyundai’s Owner Assurance give families better peace of mind?

Owner Assurance includes Hyundai Assurance/job loss protection, the Hyundai warranty, complimentary maintenance, Blue Link advanced technology features, roadside assistance, and special access to quality service with factory-trained technicians.

Each of these have a few limitations such as the interval between maintenance, where you receive service, and providing documentation of job loss for job the job loss protection benefits. Still, this is a pretty hefty list of additional padding to ease the financial jolt of buying a new car. It is hard to find a reason not to make the investment when a company appears to work so hard at keeping you and your vehicle safe.

What is Hyundai Assurance?

Hyundai Assurance began in 2009 inspired by the economic crash of 2008. Hyundai Motor Group made a promise that owners could return a car in the event of job loss. This was the Hyundai Assurance job loss protection benefit offered as part of Hyundai’s Owner Assurance. Hyundai is no stranger to making changes due to economic upheaval, in order to give its customers extra financial support.

In the wake of the recent coronavirus(COVID-19) crisis, job loss protection To extend a helping hand to current and future Hyundai owners, the motor group boosted Hyundai Assurance to help those affect by the global impact of the coronavirus.

These days, Hyundai’s job loss protection, or Hyundai Assurance, offers deferred payments for current owners up to three months. It also covers up to six months of payment relief for owners that lose employment. In addition, Hyundai Assurance will provide four months of deferred payments on select Hyundai vehicles bought anytime through April 30, 2020.

Hyundai Assurance still has a laser focus on helping people who suddenly find themselves out of a job. Now, rather than allowing owners to return their vehicles Hyundai wants to help owners keep their cars.

It’s not just a warranty

Hyundai Assurance is part of Hyundai’s Owner Assurance, which offers a number of benefits –– including a great warranty –– which set Hyundai apart from the rest. Though it has its limits and no support package is perfect, this one sits on a pretty strong foundation.