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Once reserved for police and emergency personnel, dashboard cameras are now becoming a popular piece of tech used by people all over the world, in all types of vehicles.

Used to capture a variety of moments and memories, it can be an invaluable tool in a variety of situations. From keeping your car safe, providing evidence for a crime, or offering you discounts on your insurance, the advantages can vary.

But as a serious investment, is buying a dashboard camera really worth it? Here are a few reasons why you won’t regret buying a dashboard camera.

Is a dashboard camera worth the money?

The use of dashboard cameras in vehicles has grown astronomically in recent years, with no plans on slowing down in the future.

According to Yahoo Finance, a recent market study suggests that the industry will experience growth “of almost 11 percent by 2023.” Demand for dashboard cameras has driven production, providing consumers with a variety of styles, options, and budget ranges.

Some dashboard cameras can cost a pretty penny, while others provide adequate features for a more reasonable price. Either way, buying one is an investment. What makes spending the money on a dash-cam worth it?

Evidence of an accident, incident, or traffic violation

Accidents do happen and having physical evidence of an accident can be extremely beneficial. Whether you need it to prove who the guilty party is or simply what happened to cause it, a dashboard camera can help provide video proof of the incident.

Insurance fraud has also become an all-too-common occurrence. Con-artists can stage accident or injury scenarios in the hopes of receiving compensation out of the deal.

According to, the insurance fraud business racks up around $40 billion each year. Dashboard camera footage in these situations can be invaluable, helping yourself and others fight against fraud.

Though it may not happen often, drivers may sometimes face charges or tickets for traffic violations you didn’t commit. Using the footage from your camera in these situations can help turn the case around into more than he said, she said.”

Dashboard cameras may help you behave (and you could be rewarded for it)

Human behavior tends to change when you are watching yourself or know you are being watched. Athletes rewatch game footage, dancers watch themselves in the mirror, and knowing your camera is on can help keep yourself in check.

It is also a great way to discover ways to improve your driving. Not only can monitoring your driving behavior lead to a better driving record, but it could also lead to better insurance discounts. Many insurance companies provide discounts for keeping your driving record clean, with more and more insurance companies looking to use dashboard camera technology in the future.

Keep an eye on your vehicle at all times

Just like security cameras at your home or place of business, dashboard cameras offer you peace of mind when you’re not around. Whether you live in a crime-ridden part of town or the ritziest block in the city, you could fall prey to a variety of vehicle-related crimes.

Many cameras allow you to sync footage to your phone, access it remotely, and more. And in the event of a crime, your dashboard camera could capture every bit of evidence you need.

Access to cool tech

If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy new technology. When new tech comes out, it typically adds aspects of convenience and ease to your life.

Dashboard cameras can range from simple in nature, to very advanced. As the industry continues to grow, making more than $23 billion in the year 2017 according to USA Today, more and more people are investing in dashboard cameras. Today’s dashboard cameras can include high-quality night vision, excellent picture quality, wide lens range, automatic rotation, wireless syncing, and more.

You might capture something amazing

You may not consider this as a reason for buying a dashboard camera, but the unexpected things you may catch are just some of the added benefits of owning one.

When you’re making memories with loved ones, bonding, creating memories, or doing something hilarious, you can save the moment for the future. You never really know what you may capture, especially on a camera that is placed in a vehicle. Dashboard cameras often capture amazing, unexpected things like natural disasters, wildlife and nature, beautiful storms, and more.

At the end of the day, the decision about purchasing a dashboard camera belongs to you. Though you may have to invest in one, it could provide you with funny moments you’d never expect and of course necessary evidence when you need it most.