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The Dodge Charger is a one-of-a-kind car. It is alone in the sedan segment as the only true four-door American muscle car. That means the Charger offers muscle car credentials with the practicality of a full-size car. However, what if you want an American sedan with all-wheel drive (AWD)? The AWD Charger has you covered with the GT and SXT, but are they worth it?

How many AWD Chargers are there? 

A Dodge Charger AWD is available as either a GT or SXT.
A Dodge Charger | Christopher Evans, Boston Herald via Getty Images

The venerable Dodge Charger has two options for consumers who want power reaching all four wheels. First, consumers can pick up a 2022 Dodge Charger SXT with AWD. However, shoppers need to ensure that the car they’re looking for is AWD because the SXT is a rear-wheel drive (RWD) application standard. 

Next, savvy shoppers can pick up an even sportier Dodge Charger GT with more horsepower and torque than the SXT. However, for the SXT with AWD, Dodge matched the GT’s power, meaning both cars produce the same horsepower and torque. Additionally, the GT features an angrier front fascia and a spoiler, unlike the tamer SXT. Finally, the Charger GT offers AWD for those challenging weather conditions. 

Do V8 Chargers have AWD? 

Dodge Charger AWD is available as a GT or SXT and might be worth it.
A white Dodge Charger | Richard Guillory, Unsplash

Unfortunately, V8-powered Dodge muscle cars do not offer AWD. Only the SXT and GT have optional all-wheel drive, and those variants pack the Pentastar V6. Before you disregard the Mopar car altogether, you should know that the Pentastar isn’t anemic. A Dodge Charger GT with the standard V6 still produces 300 horsepower, a respectable amount of ponies. 

However, it is unfortunate that the Dodge stable of V8 engines can’t be channeled to all four tires. Stellantis isn’t producing V8 Chargers with all-wheel drive for their own reasons. Furthermore, with electrification on the horizon for Dodge, it is unlikely that we will see a non-hybridized AWD V8. 

What other muscle cars are all-wheel drive? 

Dodge is the only American company in the muscle car segment that offers all-wheel drive. However, the Charger isn’t the only AWD offering from Dodge. The Charger’s sibling, the Dodge Challenger, provides the same two trim levels with power hitting all four wheels. A Dodge Challenger GT or Challenger SXT will claw through rain and snow, but again without a V8. 

How much is a 2022 Dodge Charger SXT AWD? 

Dodge says that the base model 2022 Dodge Charger has an MSRP of $32,500. However, if you want your V6 power to reach all four wheels, you’ll need at least $36,495. 

How much is a 2022 Dodge Charger GT? 

The Dodge Charger GT is more than the SXT. Dodge says the MSRP for a GT is $35,275. However, if you want AWD on your GT, you’ll have to spend $38,370. 

Should you buy a Charger AWD? 

If you want a Dodge Charger with AWD, the only two options are the GT and the SXT. You should buy a Dodge Charger GT if your heart is set on the Mopar sedan. However, if you just want a four-door car that is sure-footed in inclement weather, there are other options. First, the Subaru Impreza has standard all-wheel drive and a reasonable price tag. 

Next, the Chrysler 300 is recommended by Consumer Reports and offers AWD. Plus, the 300 has a plush interior and classic styling. Unfortunately, the 300 doesn’t solve the V8 all-wheel drive problem.

Scroll down to the following article to read more about the Charger’s history. 

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