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It’s like Christmas when automakers show off new demo cars and trucks to let us know what features a vehicle will get for the new year or what new design changes will be made. It’s even more fun when they introduce new ones that they claim will roll off the production line in the following years to come.

Sometimes, however, new vehicle reports that hit social media platforms aren’t always real. Some are simply rumors that spread quickly and reach the feeds of thousands of people. One such report revolves around the making of a new El Camino and El Camino SS based on their new 2020 Camaro.

Some websites claim that it’s real, while others scoff at the notion. Is this one on the up and up, or is it just another rumor, getting many people’s hopes up for nothing. Let’s piece this one together starting with a brief history.

A brief history of the El Camino

It all began when GM started producing the El Camino in 1959 to compete with Ford’s Ranchero coupe utility. The automaker ran the line for two years before ending it. But, in 1964, the El Camino came back for its second generation, which they built off of a Chevelle platform, unlike the first generation’s station-wagon structure. They kept it clean and low-key, but still offered a powerful V8 engine that could run 300 hp quite easily.

The Camino’s third-generation rolled out in 1968. This is the year that GM introduced the Super Sport, or the SS, as it’s more commonly known as. This version sported an engine with a lot of gusto, but the government passed mandates in the early ’70s, requiring vehicles to use a lower-octane fuel, which affected performances for some of the engines. The El Camino went through a fourth and fifth generation before ending the production line in 1987.

What’s the fuss all about?

Internet rumors abound in the automotive industry. The newest rumor in the mill is that a new El Camino and El Camino SS will make its production debut in 2020. Supposedly, these two vehicles are to receive parts from the 2020 Camaro SS, like the engine. According to the rumors they’re to be a modern take on an old retro style. But, it will get vast amounts of modern technological and fuel-efficient advancements.

The rumors also say they’re supposed to be available in North and South America, as well as the South African and Australian markets. But, is this really true?

Will it come back or is it just a rumor?

With the cult following, the Camino has had, since the end of its production nearly 30 years ago, seeing a newer version make a comeback would certainly be fun. However, there are no concrete reports of the Camino rolling off Chevy’s line anytime soon. In fact, most reports agree this is all just a flat-out lie.

When you really take time to think about this, it’s hard to fathom what category a vehicle like this would fall under in today’s market. Initially, the El Camino appealed to buyers looking for a simple hauler but didn’t want to sacrifice safety and speed as you did with the trucks back in its heyday.

Having an easy way to tow around bicycles or groceries met the need that most consumers had during that time. However, nowadays, we have SUVs and pickups with plenty of cargo space as well as decent fuel efficiency figures. The El Camino would have a harder time fitting in unless a complete redesign took place.

Retro car and truck enthusiasts would gush if this popular vehicle did comeback under modern production lines. If the reports someday turned out to be true, this could certainly be profitable for those with nostalgic tastes, since there’s probably more of a following for the Camino than almost any other car to date. But, until more solid reports come out, it’s best to mark this one up as your standard everyday internet rumor.