This Retro Toyota Land Cruiser Might Be the Coolest Truck

The word ‘retro’ gets a lot of bad press sometimes. Lava lamps, bellbottoms, and platform shoes are just a few of the transgressions of the past that come to mind. But in the world of Toyota pickups, being a little dated isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Motor1 has dug up an excellent example in the Desert Ops LC79 Landcruiser Supertourer.

Built to work

This limited edition of rolling awesomeness was dreamed up by the Australian mad scientists at Patriot Campers Off Road. Manufacturers of some of the coolest gear on the planet, PCOR has made a name for themselves internationally by building world-class 4×4 trucks and off-road equipment to brave even the wildest of frontiers.

The Desert Ops Land Cruiser is actually a mate to its X1-N Desert Ops trailer, which has matching 70’s style decals and color scheme. Brown-and-orange striping on a tan paint job give this Toyota a genuine 70’s look on top of modern performance. The Desert Ops package is more than just stickers, though. Most notably, the LC79 is equipped with a four-inch lift kit, custom wheels, and 33″ Mickey Thompsons. The truck is flanked at both ends by twin 12,000 lb electric winches, no doubt for pulling out your incapacitated trail buddies or clearing trees. There is a massive bull bar on the front that spans down the side of each fender, as well as a four-foot LED light bar mounted into the Rhino Pioneer roof rack.

To showcase just how far into the wilderness you can explore with the Supertourer, PCOR has outfitted it with a 47.5-gallon fuel tank and a roof-mounted 150-watt solar system, making this a truly autonomous trail vehicle. The all-aluminum body should help ease the fuel consumption a little, while the optional second spare tire will keep you on the move in case of a flat, or two.

Optional add-ons for the Desert Ops include a second battery, which would come in handy when powering all the accessories you could run off of the solar system, and additional sound deadening, in the event you get tired of hearing the crunch of small villages underneath the tires.

Built-in aircraft tie-downs in the bed allow you to load up the Landcruiser with all the cargo you’ll need, or fill it with the stranded bush-whackers you’ll encounter on the treacherous trails of the Australian outback. Let’s face it, there are few vehicles better equipped to handle drop-shipping into remote jungles to execute death-defying rescue missions.

Timeless style

The folks at Patriot Campers know good style when they see it, and they’ve designed the Desert Ops Landcruiser accordingly. To give the full effect of the retro experience the LC79 comes with fuzzy dice for the mirror and authentic sheepskin seat covers. A nice touch in case you want to add some style and protection for the custom Recaro seats. They’ve left the disco ball out of this one, but you can get some bling with the chrome side-view mirrors.

An onboard air compressor is installed to help soften the ride of the rear airbag suspension, which can be manipulated remotely via electronic controls in the cab. The four-door LC79 is decorated with Landcruiser 4-wheel drive badging, retro Toyota hood ornament and grill, and a 70’s-style windshield visor.

The starting price for the Desert Ops package Supertourer is about $127,000, which honestly feels like a bargain for a truck that can go anywhere, do anything, and look cool as all get-out at the same time. Butterfly collars and leisure suits may not ever make a comeback (we hope), but all-terrain performance and rugged good looks are here to stay.