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Making a fake police car or truck that says something stupid and funny is a great time. Just ask any dude who ever wore one of those F.B.I. shirts. Y’all know the stupid one I’m talking about. Whether stupid or funny or both, the actual police don’t take kindly to folks impersonating them, even if it’s a gag. That said, after many reports of a truck dressed like a border patrol vehicle with lights and sirens, but instead of “border patrol,” it says “Booty Patrol” written along the side. Classic. Well, the Booty inspector’s reign has come to an end, it seems, now that the police have caught on. 

Can your car look like a cop car? 

True story: When I was 15, I tried to convince my dad to buy a 1964 Ford Fairlane Galaxy 500 police interceptor. Since it was 2004, I didn’t think it would fool anyone, and as such, I would be clear to drive the retired cherry topper legally. I even went as far as asking the local sheriff if this was cool. He said, “Mr. Corn, I don’t have a problem with you driving that car. In fact, I think it’s pretty cool. However, if we so much as hear one complaint or report of you riding around town with the lights or siren on, we will impound it….” Try as I might, I couldn’t convince my pops, and my dreams were dashed. 

I say that to say you can drive a retired police car. You’ve seen old Crown Vics and Police Tahoes still with the bull bars and spotlights. This is perfectly legal. However, what you can’t do is drive a car or truck marked to resemble a police car. Unfortunately for the “Booty Patrol agent,” his truck looked a bit too close. Not to mention, there were many reports of the accused allegedly impersonating an officer. 

The police pulled over the Booty agent on Oct 29th and were cited for “violating FSS 316.2397, which pertains to Certain Lights Prohibited,” according to the police social media post. 

Can a citizen pull someone over? 

Police officer writing up ticket
Police officer writing up ticket | Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty

This is a hard no. Although laws and their enforcement vary wildly from state to state and who is being accused, for the most part, a citizen cannot pull over another citizen. This is not only to preserve the power of the police, but it also helps keep citizens safe. 

The reports are unclear if the “Booty Patrol agent” ever tried to actually pull anyone over or act as an official law enforcement officer. While the silly truck is stupid, it’s ultimately considered harmless by law until he tries to behave like an actual police officer. This is why the police wanted to find this guy. This sort of thing can be quite dangerous. People impersonating police is nothing to play with, and the DeSoto country police weren’t amused. 

Booty Patrol is funny, though

Again, it’s a dumb joke, but those are often some of the funniest. When reports first surfaced about the truck, it got a good bit of press from the internet and The Daily Show. We don’t recommend dressing your truck up to make a dumb sexual pun playing off the police, but if you decide that is something you should do, make sure you keep the joke clear and the lights off because the police aren’t thrilled about this sort of thing.