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Hyundai might not boast the same massive monthly sales numbers as some major U.S. car manufacturers. But one look at the surge in sales the automaker has reported over the past couple of months enforces the idea that the brand is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with as it becomes more popular among Americans. In fact, the Korean automaker broke sales records this past March and April and saw an increase of 128 percent over April 2020 sales.

Hyundai’s sales records

It’s safe to say Hyundai is enjoying a good year. In fact, the company reported it sold 77,523 vehicles in April. This is even more impressive when you look back at the automaker’s numbers from April 2020 and see a 128 percent increase.

Randy Parker, senior vice president of national sales for Hyundai Motor America, was thrilled to announce the improved sales figure in a recent Hyundai news release. 

“April 2021 was the second month in a row that we established a new best-ever total and retail sales monthly record. It was a team effort across the entire organization from manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing, and our dealerships to deliver more Hyundai vehicles than ever before. As our all-new Tucson begins hitting dealerships in greater numbers, we expect the design and technology of our lineup to continue resonating with consumers.”

Randy Parker, SVP national sales, Hyundai Motor America

This represents the second consecutive month Hyundai has broken companywide sale records. GoodCarBadCar posted data that showed March sales were even more impressive than April’s numbers. In March, the company sold 91,147 units. 

Hyundai’s bestsellers

Some of Hyundai’s vehicles are selling much better than others. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that perennial fan favorites are driving the brand’s sales. 

According to GoodCarBadCar, Hyundai sold 16,901 Tuscon units in April. This represents a 21.19 percent increase over the previous month. At the beginning of May, the company had sold 68,896 Tuscons, a 44.36 percent increase over 2020.

The Elantra is another vehicle that has enjoyed a nice boost in sales. In April, the company sold 18,821 Elantra sedans. That’s a 34.76 percent increase over April 2020 and a 147.38 percent increase over March 2021. This year has seen a 44.96 percent increase in Elantra sales.

Nationwide, consumers purchased 12,868 Santa Fe SUVs. This represents a 34.76 percent increase over the previous month. At the beginning of May, the automaker had sold 51,908 Santa Fes, a 44.96 percent increase over the same month in 2020.

The Sonata has also enjoyed a sales surge. In April, Hyundai sold 13,487 Sonata sedans. That’s a 130.47 percent increase over March. And this year has seen a 77.88 percent increase in Sonata sales.

Why are the brand’s vehicles selling like hotcakes?

Hyundai has spent the past several years working hard to rebrand. In the past, the company had a reputation for producing affordable cars that felt cheap and often weren’t reliable. When the company decided to project a different image, it began producing higher-quality vehicles with excellent warranty coverage while still keeping them relatively affordable. The rebranding campaign has certainly been instrumental in the recent sales surge.

In addition, many new-car shoppers have recently turned to Hyundai because the brand’s vehicles have a reputation for safety, comfort, and good resale value. Consumers also like the wide variety of models that Hyundai offers.


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