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The hybrid Honda Accord has proven itself as a reliable choice. Its recent sales numbers indicate that consumers love what this hybrid Honda sedan has to offer. In fact, the Accord hybrid trims have proven to be the most popular version of the Accord in recent months. Here’s a look at the hybrid Accord trims and Honda’s growing electric lineup. 

The Honda Accord hybrid model is seeing increased sales growth 

The hybrid sector seems to be growing rapidly throughout the auto industry. This industry growth can be seen through the recent Honda Accord sales numbers. According to Honda News, Accord sales were up by over 80% year-over-year when comparing May 2022 sales to May 2023 sales. Of the 20,007 units sold during 2023, 55% were hybrid Accord models. 

According to Car and Driver, Honda offers the 2023 Honda Accord in six various trim options. Out of these six trims, four are hybrid editions. The baseline hybrid trim is the Sport Hybrid, powered by a 204-hp hybrid powertrain. Honda offers the Sport Hybrid trim at a starting price of $31,345.

The other three hybrid Accord trims include the EX-L Hybrid, which starts at $32,990; the Sport-L Hybrid, which starts at $33,325; and the Touring Hybrid, which starts at $37,340. 

Hybrids are the perfect middle ground between traditional cars and EVs 

While the EV sector is certainly growing rapidly, the infrastructure across the nation is simply not strong enough to exclusively support the use of EV vehicles. A great deal of infrastructure will need to be added throughout the States, especially in rural areas, before EVs will be practical vehicles for cross-country use. However, in the meantime, hybrid models serve as the perfect middle ground as EV infrastructure continues to grow. 

Hybrids are the perfect vehicles for consumers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint while not having to constantly worry about range or if they will find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere if they can’t find a charging station. According to Consumer Reports, the average hybrid vehicle has a pure electric range of 20 to 40 miles per charge. For the majority of Americans, this range will cover their daily commute. According to Honda, the Accord hybrid models have an average EV mode driving range of 47 miles and a combined gas-electric driving range of 340 miles. 

Other electrified options in the Honda lineup 

While the Accord is a great hybrid sedan option, it isn’t the only hybrid option in the Honda lineup. Honda has offered a variety of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles. However, only hybrid options are currently being manufactured.  

Along with the Accord, Honda also offers the CR-V with a hybrid powertrain. The CR-V is a compact SUV that is offered in five various trim options. Honda offers the baseline hybrid CR-V Sport Hybrid trim at a starting price of $32,400. In addition, from 2017 to 2021, Honda offered the Clarity model as a PHEV. In 2024, Honda is set to release the Prologue SUV, which will serve as the company’s first fully electric offering. 


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