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Chevrolet and General Motors just unveiled their first hybrid Corvette, and it’s a handful. The new C8 Corvette E-Ray uses a hybrid V8 platform with electric power sent to the front wheels. As a result, the upcoming performance car is the first hybrid Corvette and the first AWD Corvette ever. Here is the new C8 E-Ray, a collection of firsts for the model. 

Is the Corvette Stingray a hybrid?

The C8 Stingray isn’t a hybrid, but it will share its Corvette name with the upcoming E-Ray, Chevrolet’s first hybrid Corvette. However, unlike the comparatively analog Stingray, the new E-Ray is the first hybrid Corvette and the first all-wheel drive (AWD) iteration in the model’s history. 

The new Corvette drives the front wheels with electric power and uses an LT2 V8 powerplant to  power the rear wheels. As a result, the Corvette enjoys additional grip from its eAWD system. Moreover, Chevrolet seems excited to have outfitted the new hybrid model with Michelin Pilot Sport all-season tires for added grip. 

The new hybrid electric Corvette E-Ray takes a corner showing off its widebody.
2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray 3LZ | General Motors

The new Chevy Corvette E-Ray Hybrid packs a 1.9 kWh battery in addition to its V8

Chevrolet’s new hybrid performance model carries the legacy of the V8-powered weekend weapons from previous generations. However, it adds cutting-edge technology to turn the vehicle into an evolutionary step for the model. In addition to a 6.2L LT2 V8, it packs a 1.9 kWh battery pack to power its electric architecture. 

Chevrolet says the new 655-horsepower Corvette can hit 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds on its way to a 10.5-second quarter mile, making it even faster than the already supercar-quick C8 Stingray. Additionally, ABC News reports that the new E-Ray will have six driver modes in conventional operation and two electric modes. 

The new hybrid electric Corvette E-Ray poses for a picture in a parking lot, showing off its front end.
2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray | General Motors

First, the new hybrid Corvette packs a feature that no other Corvette has before: “Stealth mode.” The selectable model shuts down the gas-powered V8 to run up to 45 mph on electric power. Also, the new E-Ray has “Shuttle mode.” Shuttle mode allows potential owners to move their Corvette short distances using a setting that will “never fire the engine.” 

What’s new about the E-Ray’s exterior?

While the new hybrid Corvette’s exterior looks quite similar to the C8 Stingray and even the Z06 at a glance, the cars are a bit different. For instance, the E-Ray shares “wide-body proportions with the Z06,” which accommodates wider, grippier tires. However, the E-Ray has exclusive wheels, optional carbon fiber trim, and fourteen color choices, including three new colors for 2024.

Two Corvettes blast across a bridge showing off their rear end styling.
Chevrolet Corvette E-Rays | General Motors

The Upcoming Hybrid Corvette Is the First AWD Corvette

Fortunately for loyal Corvette fans, the hybrid model follows the formula of a removable roof coupe and convertible. Somethings shouldn’t leave the Corvette equation. 

How much will the Corvette E-Ray cost?

The new Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray will begin its sales cycle in 2023, and start at around $104,295 for the entry-level 1LZ coupe. The 1LZ convertible will cost a bit more, at around $111,295. Better yet, the Corvette’s home will remain in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

Keep an eye out for our ongoing coverage of the new E-Ray! Tell us what you think of the new Corvette Hybrid in the comments below!