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It’s the franchise with a theme song first-time viewers already know: “Bad Boys.” Well, even with a memorable sound, an instantly recognizable duo, and flashy supercars, not every movie is above the poor car casting choice. Such is the case for the monstrous SUV in “Bad Boys II”: a 2003 Hummer H2.

A bright yellow Hummer H2 is an unfortunate juxtaposition to the film’s stunning Ferrari 550 Maranello

After three films, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are among the most beloved buddy cops in modern cinema. What’s more, the duo isn’t done making explosive, over-the-top movies quite yet. Smith and Lawrence are poised to reprise their Miami P.D. protagonists in the franchise’s fourth installment by July 2024.

Inexplicably so, the minds behind “Bad Boys” decided to pen Will Smith’s character, Detective Mike Lowrey, as an independently wealthy cop. As such, he drives spectacular cars, starting with the 1995 film’s 964 Porsche 911 Turbo. The news got even better with “Bad Boys II,” which showcased a then-new-ish set of Ferraris: a 550 Maranello and a 575M Maranello. 

However, it wasn’t all smooth lines and striking Ferraris for the 2003 film. Instead, Lowrey and Detective Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) boost a yellow 2003 Hummer H2 to escape baddies in an extrajudicious foray into Cuba. When I say yellow, I mean GM’s I-can-see-it-from-space early millennium yellow. Not exactly the most inconspicuous way to slip aggressive hostiles. 

A yellow Hummer H2 at an international auto show.
A yellow Hummer H2 at an auto show | David Cooper, Toronto Star via Getty Images

What’s more, the near six-and-a-half-thousand pound (again, bright yellow) Hummer H2 produces 316 horsepower. We’re talking a double-digit 0-60 time. It’s big, it’s slow, and it’s visible from the duo’s jurisdiction in Southern Florida.

Of course, can you think of a more Michael Bay car chase than a bright-yellow Hummer H2 flattening a village while bad guys pursue in Land Rover Series 3s blasting TMPs? Not without including shape-shifting alien robots, you can’t.

Still, it is a much more affordable way to feel like the “Bad Boys” than a Ferrari 575M Maranello. According to KBB, sellers typically post their yellow 2003 Hummer H2s at around $18,718.