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It’s about time to buy your next car, but you’re bored by the prospect of a sensible sedan or everyday SUV. How about a military surplus vehicle that the government is not using? You might be able to get an outstanding deal on a used military vehicle like a Humvee for sale, but should you? 

Can you buy US military vehicles?

Believe it or not, you can buy surplus US military vehicles just like any other car or truck. However, the government doesn’t operate used vehicle lots. Instead, potential owners can shop online at auction websites to find their next surplus vehicle.

The most common of military surplus vehicles, the Humvee shows off its large proportions in a Polish port.
Humvees | Mateusz Slodkowski, SOPA Images, LightRocket via Getty Images

For instance, outlets like Gov Planet feature thousands of federal assets for sale, including military surplus vehicles. 

What kind of military surplus vehicles are for sale?

As you might imagine, plenty of common military vehicles are for sale, like the venerable High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), or Humvee, as many service members call it. Better yet, the Humvees span the spectrum of applications, from two-door utility trucks to high-top ambulances. 

Humvees aren’t the only prospect; auction sites feature everything from utility vehicles to large trucks. Determined potential owners can find 2 2 ½ ton cargo trucks and even school buses for sale. Moreover, the auction sites feature government fleet vehicles. For instance, Gov Planet features many high-mileage pickup trucks with auctions starting as low as $900. Not a bad way to get a pickup truck in today’s volatile market. 

In addition to more traditional military surplus vehicles, government sales include unorthodox cars, trucks, and even limousines. That’s right, weird stuff like a 2020 Lincoln Continental Limo pops up on the website instead of just Humvees. 

How do you buy military surplus from the government?

Shoppers who want to buy a used military vehicle from an online sales platform can start at the U.S. General Services Administration or GSA. GSA auctions offer “the general public the chance to bid electronically on federal assets.” You guessed it; those assets include used military vehicles. 

Once you find something you want to bid on, you can bid and hope to exceed the reserve. In some cases, potential owners can offer an outright purchase price. However, fans should pay attention to where the vehicles are located. For instance, some cars and trucks are on installations in Hawaii, so you’d have to arrange for shipping. 


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Should you buy one of the military surplus vehicles for sale?

Military surplus vehicles are a tempting prospect, especially with low auction prices. However, potential owners should consider how hard military vehicles work in their lifespans. Service members drive vehicles like the Humvee through extreme cold, heat, and inclement weather. Moreover, airborne units even drop some vehicles from aircraft with parachute-equipped rigs. 

Understand that when you purchase a cheap military surplus vehicle, you could be inheriting a project or problematic mode of transportation. 

Would you buy a surplus military vehicle? Tell us in the comments below!