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Tesla Test Drive Hub Article Highlights:

  • As part of a new decentralized sales strategy, Tesla is rolling out remote test drive hubs in Europe. 
  • Interested drivers can register and book an appointment online, after which a representative from the automaker will unlock the electric vehicle (EV) remotely. 
  • The process might be risky, as drivers will be able to complete the test drive process in the EV automaker’s expensive vehicles without a Tesla representative in the car. 

Tesla opened its first European test hub in Örebro, Sweden, as part of a new sales strategy. It’s located about 200 kilometers from the Swedish capital of Stockholm and looks like a futuristic charging station, complete with angular overhead lighting and Tesla’s instantly recognizable script.  

How does a Tesla test drive work?

With the hub model, interested drivers can book test drive time online in 30-minute increments. Vehicles span the EV automaker’s range, from the Telsa Model 3 to the tenured Model S. However, The Driven reports that Tesla left the most expensive EV in the lineup, the Model X, out of the test drive hub equation. 

A white Tesla Model 3 waits to head to a test drive hub while soaking up overhead lights.
Tesla Model 3 | Tesla

When a potential owner decides to test out a specific Tesla model, they’ll contact the automaker. A representative will then remotely unlock the model and walk the driver through the vehicle’s operation. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time the electric automaker has explored contactless test drives. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Tesla has offered contact-free drives and vehicle deliveries. Moreover, the hub could be the first of many that cater to more remote markets where potential owners don’t have access to more traditional test drives. 

Does Tesla charge for a test drive?

Tesla doesn’t charge drivers to test drive its electric vehicles. The ability to try an automaker’s offerings is pivotal to making sales. According to Progressive, 70% of in-person car buyers will test one or two cars before making a decision. 

Tesla Model 3, Y, and S models await test drives at a store.
A Tesla location | Tesla

What is risky about the Tesla test drive hub system?

While North American drivers have already used remote test architecture, the European hub system is a purpose-built collection of testable EVs. However, InsideEVs says the model raises the issue of mischievous consumers who could potentially damage vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Model 3.  

A Tesla Model S showcases its cockpit.
A Tesla Model S’ cockpit | Tesla

However, the electric automaker isn’t shy about its security features, like the controversial Sentry Mode. It stands to reason that Elon Musk’s electric vehicle brainchild will cover its bases when it comes to securing the test hubs. 

What do you think of the test-driving hub model? Good idea or risky business? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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