How Unreasonably Fast Can You Park 50 Cars?

It’s probably not a question you’ve ever asked yourself, but how long would it take to park 50 cars? To the less experienced, that sounds like something that could take an hour or something that would take a team of people to do. For this record, however, the cars must be parked by one person, which already sounds exhausting. If you were the fastest car parker in the world, how fast would you have to be to beat this world record?

A true world record

There is a formal world record place for the fastest time to park 50 cars. You can find it in the Guinness Book of World Records, and the time might surprise you. But, of course, there are some rules and structures to how the 50 cars must be parked. The only rule that seems evident is that there can only be one person parking cars. They don’t have to be any specific type or size of cars either, so it’s up to the record-breaker to decide.

An areal image of a car parking lot.
New Vehicle Lot | Zhou Zhiyong/VCG via Getty Images

One man to park them all

The record was broken by one Mr. Brodie Branch on January 28th, 2012. The cars were parked at the Meteor Meet and Great, a parking service for travelers flying through the Gatwick Airport in the UK. It isn’t clear if Mr. Branch was an employee or just an enthusiast who persuaded the business to let him give the record a shot, but if he did work there, we hope he also received a shiny employee of the month sticker.

White Fiat cargo vans lined up for delivery in the UK in the
New fiat doblo cargo vans parked at Avonmouth docks near Bristol, UK | Adrian Sherratt/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images

How fast did he do it

Mr. Branch was able to single-handedly park all 50 vehicles in a jaw-dropping 22 minutes and 16.7 seconds. If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, that’s fast than most people can park 50 cars with a driver in each car. Of course, this record was broken in an enclosed parking lot where there was no traffic or pedestrians to worry about, so if you’re thinking of starting a valet service at your local grocery to beat this record, think again.

A parking lot with multiple new Chevy Silverados
GMC and Chevrolet pickup trucks sit in a parking lot outside the GM Fort Wayne Assembly Plant | Joshua Lott/Getty Images

The First Overland Automotive Record Was Set by a Woman

Regardless of the seclusion, the record is still incredibly impressive, and we imagine that it required a lot of running back and forth to get each car. Just under 23 minutes is much faster than I could imagine parking that many cars, and it must have been tough considering the record hasn’t been broken in almost a decade.