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When you think of which cars have the best safety features, Honda is a brand that might come to mind. You wouldn’t be wrong, and many of the vehicles in the Honda lineup rank high among the experts in terms of safety ratings. You may have an eye on a new Accord this year. Not much has changed for the 2020 model, so you may be wondering if the Honda Accord is up to par in terms of safety equipment.

We dove in to take a closer look at ratings, driver assistance tech, and everything you need to know about the Honda Accord’s safety stats.

Is the Honda Accord top-rated in 2020?

In the midsize, four-door sedan category, there are some strong contenders with fresh redesigns this year. The Honda Accord, which didn’t offer many upgrades in 2020, still manages to turn heads and win hearts.

More importantly, it’s still being considered a ‘top-rated’ car with Edmunds and others. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has good things to say about the Accord, too.

A top-rated safety score with IIHS

The IIHS puts fresh models through a battery of crash tests and ranks each by segment in terms of overall ability to protect occupants in various scenarios. The 2020 Honda Accord is a winner here and earns a top-rated safety pick head nod from the organization.

This award applies only those with the increased visibility headlights. Check the trim levels to differentiate between an ‘acceptable’ or the ‘good’ rating.

What the other experts say about the Honda Accord’s safety

The NHTSA performs similar crash testing simulations as the IIHS. When it came time to evaluate the Honda Accord, the organization arrived at the same conclusions — the Accord is a safe all-around car. Earning its full five stars, it demonstrates a solid occupant safety-based design.

U.S. News & World Report also tallies a scorecard for the Accord, based on the various crash testing results, and expert reviews of safety features. With them, the 2020 Honda Accord earns a 9.9 out of a possible ten in overall safety.

Airbags and child safety

You might assume the Honda Accord has a family of airbags. You may not realize just how many are embedded throughout the midsize sedan, to provide maximum protection.

Front and side-impact airbags are designed to protect the driver and passenger’s head and torso. But there are also overhead airbags for rollover protection, as well as knee airbags for lower extremity protection. All of the seatbelts feature pretensioners, and the rear seats are equipped with LATCH systems and tethers, for easy use with car and booster seats.

Honda Sensing and driver aids

Every variation of the Honda Accord will come with Honda Sensing, a suite of passive and active safety features. Enjoy forward collision warning, lane departure warning, lane-keeping assist, auto emergency braking, as well as traffic sign recognition. Additional tech available at higher trim levels includes blind-spot monitoring and parking sensors.

Hands-free connectivity

Avoid the base model Honda Accord (LX) if you need the connectivity options for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Those only come with the other trim levels. The base Accord’s seven-inch screen isn’t touch-capable either. Bump up your trim, though, and you’ll have all the much-needed bells and whistles for the best of hands-free capability.

In addition to all of these safety features, every Accord comes with the basics like anti-lock brakes, stability control, and vehicle security systems. The 2020 Honda Accord may not have any significant changes this year, but it can still brag about being one of the safest midsize sedans on the market. If safety is at the top of your car-buying list, the Honda Accord is worth a test drive.