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Ram dazzled our eyes at the new Ram Revolution pickup reveal this week. The concept truck has cool doors, seven seats, and a trick bed that can extend to 18 feet. We also learned that it gets DC fast charging, 35-inch tires, and a lot more. What we didn’t learn was how much horsepower the new truck has.  Or did we?

How much horsepower does the Ram Revolution have?

We can ask: how much horsepower does the Ram 1500 Revolution have? But the better question may be: how much power could it have? You see, Ram has already told us a lot, without telling us a lot in the way of numbers, about the horsepower of the Ram Revolution. In its briefing, the Ram said the truck would have a large battery pack and two electric motors for four-wheel drive but not much else.

But, one look back at Stellantis’ 2021 technically-dense rundown of the truck’s STLA platform gives us several clues. The STLA Frame, yes, this truck has a frame, not a unibody, has 500 miles of range, and accepts up to two electric motors. It could have more power than Ford and Chevy’s electric trucks.

Stellantis makes three electric motors between 70 kW/94 hp and 330 kW/442.5 hp. So, if Ram drops in a pair of the biggest motors, you get an insane 885 hp. That may be simple math, but it’s going to have a lot of power. There is room in the truck for even larger and more powerful motors, which could mean a future Revolution TRX.

What is the STLA Frame?

The Ram STLA Frame. The frame contributes to the performance, which leads to Ram Revolution horsepower.
The Ram STLA Frame | Ram

STLA is Stellantis’ electric vehicle platform. Like EV platforms from other manufacturers, it is a skateboard-like structure with batteries in the middle. Stellantis will use the platform for everything from EV sports cars to the Jeep 4xe off-roaders.

The Ram Revolution is built on the biggest and toughest version of the platform, which has a frame around the battery packs. That means it’s well-suited to the rough-and-tumble life of a truck or a delivery van. Unlike other electric vehicles, but just like traditional trucks, the Ram Revolution is a true body-on-frame design, which means it can likely tow a lot too.

What we know about the Ram Revolution

The Ram Revolution isn’t just a marketing campaign but the name of the new all-electric ram truck. It should compete with the Ford F-150 Lightning, the upcoming Chevy Silverado EV, the Tesla Cybertruck, and the Rivian R1T. It seems that it may be larger and more powerful than any of those trucks. The Ram Revolution is expected to arrive in 2024, but order books have not opened yet for the new truck.

The concept truck debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. While the doors and gigantic wheels are cool, we’re not expecting those cool features to make it to production. We are, however, expecting the cool midgate and bed extender and the funky third “row” of jump seats to make it to production. Overall, the truck should do all the stuff the gas-powered Ram 1500 does, simply with electricity.

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